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Was struggling to find some G36 mid caps in stock in this country so after some research decided to try out my first HK retailer cobraairsoft - well to be fair they were the only ones that I could find on google that had what I wanted. Was a little aprehensive as didn't know what to expect customs and shipping wise. Found some King Arms mid caps, box of 5 - delivered worked out around £40 - again a better price than I could get in the UK.


Placed my order on the 29th December via paypal - there was an issue with the payment, for some reason it came up with the payment but no basket details, emailed them for clarification. Had to wait a couple of days but got a reply and everything sorted on the 3rd (not too long a wait considering the holidays and weekends). Shiiped out on Monday - arrived with me today, no problems, straight through - marked as "toy parts".

Would absolutely use them again and recommend them highly. Am going to order an AEG next so will see how that goes but for my first overseas transaction was very pleasantly surprised.



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They are pretty good although from time to time I've had to ask them to supply the tracking info for my package. I've found that over time they tend to work out a bit cheaper than RW/WGC.


When you order your AEG send them an e-mail to a scan of your UKARA paperwork or site membership details as when I ordered a USP they wanted to know about licenses so they are aware of the regulations in the UK but will two tone and take paypal unlike Redwolf where I believe you can only do direct bank transfer for RIF orders unless they have changed that.

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