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Guys I Finally remembered my password and username


Reason for posting in this thread well...


I have always wanted a gaming PC YAY Right?


I was offered an i7 980 with a GTX 780Ti used with a keyboard & Mouse that after research appear to be hardcore MMO type stuffs or do I go with http://www.novatech.co.uk/pc/range/novatechblacknti184.html that..


The I7 is interesting to me because I play ESO on the Xbox and the guild I help run would like to get certain members into streaming, They are not too bothered as to when I decide to start but I'm high on the list.


In case the URL thing was wrong here is the link again: http://www.novatech.co.uk/pc/range/novatechblacknti184.html


Thank you for any help

Craig :)

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Talk to me about power supplies, people. My antec has just died and I need a new one. Been recommended the corsair rmx 550. 70 quid but 10 year warranty. Its more than I wanted to spend but its looking tempting.


Should I go for that one or take the risk on a cheaper (£20ish) one?


Failing that, any suggestions? Need about 550/600W

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PSU's are the blood of your system.

They fail, your system fails and it can even take components with it. So a good PSU with warranty is crucial.

I recommend lower wattage Corsair PSU's. The future will only be more power efficient so a 700W should do the trick for a modern system.

Models AXi, HX and RM ( respectively High End, Upper Mainstream and Silent). The little i models come with USB plug so you can monitor the health of your PSU :). They also selftest and come with 5 to 10 years of warranty.


Nothing but good words for Corsair PSU's. Yes, I am a fan.



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Ok iv asked the q in the *suitcasey* day thread but... Um had a stuck key on a think pad keyboard and annother went crunchy then stopped dead popping the key off fixed one key but the dead ones still dead how do I fix it and how do you get the key back on?

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Yes you can.


The Keyboard you need is a T400s/T410s/T420s/T410/T420/T510/T520/W510/T520/X220 keyboard.

I don't think I have a spare but I'll check.


Putting the buttons back on is very fiddly and involves a scissor type double button guide.

You can do it but there is a good chance you will snap off one of the tiny tiny legs.


What you might find useful is the Hardware Maintenance Manual for your model.

It is at this link:




And tells you how to do almost any job including giving you the FRU codes for all the parts.


Once you know the FRU code it is super simple to get the parts you need.


The UK keyboard FRUs are 45N2100, 45N2170 and 45N2240.


Armed with that info you can get onto ebay and find new ones.





£25 for the keyboard, posted.



If you replace it, send me the old one and I'll try to fix it so you have a spare...

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I'm a member of another forum with about a third as many members total and about a quarter as many active members of arnies, and even they don't manage to be this friendly.

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Wow... Thanks hun also how difficult is a keyboard replacement on one of these things I'm just terrified of killing it like every other laptop in ever opened or had to have opened. The boy is in Sheffield and could do it for me but still I'm a bit nervpus

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