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Nice case. I like that monolithic style, it's a shame nobody makes a 1 x 4 x 9 shiny black case. My intention is to completely remove the hard drive caddy from inside the case since it gets in the w

Figured one of these should be posted - since all of us are somehow computer nerds (comon, we're all forum rats, right? XD), I figure there should be a thread where people can come and discuss compute

Shuttle XPC? Barebones are pretty cheap (average around the $200-300 mark) and include everything besides a CPU, HDD, optical drive, RAM, and GPU (it has a built-in GPU, but if you do gaming it's defi

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Credit card has taken a good beating:


Intel i7 4770K

Asus Z87-K

Corsair H100i 

16GB Corsiar 1600 RAM


Creative SB Z soundcard

2 x 250GB Samsung EVO SSD

2TB Seagate storage drive

600W Corsair PSU


All housed in a Corsair 750 case.


I decided that I wanted a 144mhz screen in the end so I went for the Phillips 242G5 gaming panel. 

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Dear Arnies people who are proper clever with computer unlike me,


With the new gen of consoles popping up it seems like it's finally time to get a new compooter because those loading times are getting long on me and I can't set everything to maximum in BF4.  My current cyberpower tower has been with me for something around 5 years now with just an upgrade in RAM and GPU around 2 years ago, but being out of the game for so long I'm stuck where to go on the absolute basics.


I recall reading that the new consoles are using AMD and Radeon bits (or at least very similar) and that it might be wise to go with that in a PC to generally make life go more smoothly, but I've been with Intel and Nvidia in my desktop and laptop for so many years I'm afraid of change.  Truth be told I've nary a clue what to pick in most areas; RAM quantity + speed, GPU, cooling options, disk drives...


Currently on a 24" 1920x1080 Viewsonic, not sure I'd want to go much bigger if at all, but maybe up the res?  3D?


Occulus rift for Star citizen mebbe??


Getting carried away now.  I'm thinking £2k overall if that includes a monitor, maybe around £15-1600 if not.  If anyone's got any thoughts they're all welcome and appreciated.

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Since October, when I last recommended a SteamBox I've revised my thoughts a bit. I'd say they'd be a good bet for people looking to replace a console but not someone looking for a dedicated PC. I'll see if I can make a PC for you quickly, CKin.


Edit: As you said you've forgotten the basics, check this site out: http://www.logicalincrements.com/ (Filter by UK) - It gives you a good idea of what's out there now, etc.

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Did a bit of reading on the Steam boxes, doesn't really seem to suit what I'd want really.  Very interesting though, will be keeping an eye.


Thanks for the chart there alex, quite handy.  Came up with this config from cyberpower:

  • CoolerMaster Cosmos SE
  • i7 4820k
  • Corsair H100 cooling system
  • 256GB Plextor PX-M5s SSD
  • 1TB Seagate Hybrid
  • 4x4GB 1866Mhz Kingston RAM
  • ASUS Sabertooth x79
  • Corsair 750W PSU
  • GTX 780 3GB
  • CreAtive Blaster Z 5.1 card
  • 2 x Blu-ray drives (1 burner)
  • AOC 27" 2560x1440 LCD

Few other bits of stuff but that's the bits that matter.  Probably do a bit more monitor research because I've always had ViewSonic in the past but CP don't carry them.

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No need for the Hybrid if you're going with an SSD + HDD. Also would suggest Samsung for your SSD, they're amazing.

Also not a bit fan of overspending for the CPU (4670K or 4770K fits most people, unless there's something new about the 4820K that's brilliant).

Try consolidating RAM if you can; less slots, less power used (I think). Plus going 2 x 8GB gives you the opportunity to expand to 32GB should you need it.

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Thing is, the SSD would just be for Windows and maybe one or two of the games I'm playing the most at that point, not SSD caching the hard disk.  So wouldn't the hybrid just make all the other stuff run that bit quicker (even if it's less frequently accessed, bearing in mind 'infrequently' still means a couple of times a day)?  Honest question because, as I say, I'm not an expert.


4820 was actually the cheapest CPU available on the configurator I used.  Not sure on that one really, I've had the same processor in my current rig the entire time I've owned it and I'd probably do the same again whereas I'd more likely stick in a better GPU (maybe RAM) 1-2 years down the line.


RAM was again just what's available, they don't offer configurations of fewer sticks in larger quantities for some reason, it's all sets of 4s and 8s.  I'm not sure what the current level is that's thought to be good without going to an extreme amount that games can't even use?  As long as it'll work well for the next year or two then again, I'm quite happy to just replace it myself with components of my choosing, not exactly a tricky job to swap right? From what I recall it's a technology that usually advances quite quickly so an upgrade on speed and/or quantity in that ~18-24 months probably wouldn't break the bank.

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Fortunately, no permanent damage. I was using the ATI catalyst control centre thing, and the test was showing now artifacts or owt like that, and i was bored of going up in 5% increases, so i just whacked everything on full.


Then it did that.


Oh well, its running now, and i've just downloaded the MSI Afterburner thing and i'll have a play this afternoon once i've done some washing up.

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Well, MadCatz basically just told me to *fruitcage* off.


After 2.5 years of using my RAT7, the optic sensor died (or at least I think it's the sensor). Great mouse, but jesus, I have a Logitech MX1000 I bought 10 years ago that still works. So now I'm in the market for a wired gaming mouse. Anyone have suggestions?

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I've been using a logitech Performance MX for years, its not a hardcore gaming mouse but its pretty faultless. Its wireless but I couldn't even tell you when the last time I changed its batteries.


You can get one reasonably cheap now so I hardily recommend one.

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So computer people, I was wondering what your thoughts were on the following.


I am building a computer for a friend as her old PC was XP and seeing as that will soon no longer be updated, I figured it was in need of an upgrade.  Nothing fancy, just something cheap and basic.  Web browsing, word, VLC e.t.c.


I have two options really.  I can build a Win 7 PC with 2GB RAM, basic 2Ghz dual core CPU e.t.c. fairly cheap from parts.  Or I can build a Vista PC with 4GB RAM, better core 2 duo CPU for a lot cheaper.


I have zero experience with Vista as I clung onto XP until BF3 forced me to upgrade.  From what I read, Vista was horrendous.


Would she have issues with drivers, compatibility e.t.c.


TL;DR do I go for cheaper, better spec Vista build or a more expensive, lower spec Win 7 build?

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