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Nice case. I like that monolithic style, it's a shame nobody makes a 1 x 4 x 9 shiny black case. My intention is to completely remove the hard drive caddy from inside the case since it gets in the w

Figured one of these should be posted - since all of us are somehow computer nerds (comon, we're all forum rats, right? XD), I figure there should be a thread where people can come and discuss compute

Shuttle XPC? Barebones are pretty cheap (average around the $200-300 mark) and include everything besides a CPU, HDD, optical drive, RAM, and GPU (it has a built-in GPU, but if you do gaming it's defi

No, it doubles the flops with the same VRAM.


And, it only gets close to doubling the performance on well optimised games.


And GTA V is not a well optimised game.



GTA with all the bells and whistles (and I mean all of the different types of anti-aliasing on max) actually uses more VRAM than I have seen any game use.

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I went with rx480 because 1060 wasn't available duento chip shortage. And you know what? Instead of a 500 euro gsync monitor, I've gotten a 130 euro freesync one. Heh! If you're into adaptive sync, freesync is the way to go. This is comung from a nVidia loyalist btw


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RX480 is a monster.


And it's £200.


Nobody really needs the graphics card I have for 1080p gaming but the RX480 can crush any game on 1080p.


If you have a 1080p monitor and aren't interested in 1440p or 2160p then RX480 is great.


The 1060 3GB isn't even a 1060 with half the VRAM, it has some cuda cores chopped too.  They should really have called it a 1050.

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that's crazy. I got nostalgic and looked up the specs of the best graphics card of the golden era of gaming, the Radeon 9700 pro. (I had a 9700 non pro, it was amazing)


it had 256mb of DDR RAM, and a clock speed of 400mhz.



I'm no interested in anything over 1080p, to be honest. The RX480 sounds right up my street!

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well not per sé, I am talking about the all in one systems.


What it mostly does is transfer the heat to a place better suited for dumping heat.

A LOT of the heat of a normal 2-3 fan aircooled GPU stays inside the case, heating up the ambient air, making cooling other components a bit harder.

You can't cool components a lot with already warm air, can you? :).


Watercooling transfers the heat close to an air exit, a vent hole; thus dumping warm air almost immediately outside your case.


Not just that, most GPU fans are 2 or 3 90mm. Sometimes 2 x 100mm.


With watercooling you can use 1,2 or sometimes 3 to 4 120mm fans on your radiator.

Good stance your radiator will be better at transferring heat that the cooling element ( fins ) on your standard GPU.

Even 140mm is widely avaible these days! 


The bigger the fan, the more air is moved with each fan cycle.

Less fan cycles: less vibrations and thus less noise ^^.


Only 2 downsides of AIO watercooling:

- still is awkward and big

- pump is small and thus could be a tiny bit noisy.


I wouldn't AIO watercool your CPU though, noctua has some ENORMOUS air cooling towers that to the same job, are somewhat cheaper and without the pumpnoise.

So wht the GPU and not CPU? CPU has the room for enormous cooling blocks. GPU doesn't, especially not when you go SLI or have other cards installed.

Most GPU's nowadays have a bigger TDP and are thus more powerfull than a CPU yet the formfactor is antiquated and small to handle that heat.

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RX480 is a beast and if looking to the future is something to look at but i have seen deals on 970's / 980s that where very tempting. I did a small side grade when i move from my 3GB R9 280X to my 4GB R9 380X, this should see me into next year when pricing for the RX 480 etc should settle down.

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Rx 480 on a budget, gtx1060 for a tad more, 1070 us no longer best bang for buck and 1080TI is right around the corner it seem.


In other news, GW2 is coded SO bad I'm still hetting 40-50 fps with this brand new core i5 6600, rx480, 8gb ram and ssd. Wtf, NCSoft? Sort you dung out!

Bossfights in GW2 are neigh impossible to concentrate on due to the mind bending amount of special effect from everyone. If you were only a tiny bit sensitive to epilepsy, don't play. It's ridiculous.


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I hope it is okay to ask about printers here. 


So, I am the one that usually has to do all the printing/scanning/copying in the household, since our printer is quite wonky and the folks usually do not understand how to do stuff.  Our printer is an old hp all in one c510 model that is without doubt a glorious piece of *suitcase*.  It has finally gone into full death spiral with the dreaded printhead errors (after trying to clean it since it stopped printing black text) and I have pretty much given up resolving it.


Mother says she might be able to get a Canon model from her church workplace that hasn't been used (as far as I know), but if not we'd have to go to local chain stores like Sam's Club, Target, etc.  I refuse to get another hp (saying that as my freaking laptop is one as well), but frankly most of what I see is just their *suitcase*.


So, anyone got a suggestion that doesn't drive up the credit card?

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