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Nice case. I like that monolithic style, it's a shame nobody makes a 1 x 4 x 9 shiny black case. My intention is to completely remove the hard drive caddy from inside the case since it gets in the w

Figured one of these should be posted - since all of us are somehow computer nerds (comon, we're all forum rats, right? XD), I figure there should be a thread where people can come and discuss compute

Shuttle XPC? Barebones are pretty cheap (average around the $200-300 mark) and include everything besides a CPU, HDD, optical drive, RAM, and GPU (it has a built-in GPU, but if you do gaming it's defi

Oh, hey, this is a good, indepth review of this tablet.


Oh hey, this is talking about the software on it.


O...K, whats a kernel?




So, i'm trying to compile this build from source and it wont play nicely with the modem i've got from here, and the XPOSED framework is banjaxed and busybox works unless I try and make the screen dim, and then it reboots. Any ideas?

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Not a question, but an observation.
If you like youtube a LOT, then don't consider a 1440p screen just yet.
There's not much 1440p content yet and 1080p on a 1440p screen looks like shat out pixel on a glass plate.

Excuse my language, it's something I failed to consider while buying a €500 monitor...

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Content, nah, you're right.

But when it comes to gaming, my 1440p 24" is sooooo crisp looking.

4k on the other hand is nog there yet. Now that I've tasted 120fps+ don't wanna go back.


Wake me when the 5k 21:9 HDR adaptive sync monitors are gaming mainstream ^^


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On the underside there are screws with pictures of keyboards next to them, undo them.

Push the keyboard slightly towards the screen and hinge it out from the palm rest end.


Undo the one ribbon cable underneath.



More complete instructions will be in the Hardware Maintenance Manual.

Just search Lenovo, Hardware Maintenance Manual, and the model number.

It'll be a PDF file.


Only download it from the Lenovo website.


It has step-by-step instructions and nice drawings.

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