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KP Industries Knee Pro Ultra Flex 3 Knee Pads

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Tried these today for the first time.




admittedly i only had them on for 2 hrs but they never moved were very comfy and protected my knees really well.


They have an outer of 3mm plastic, with hinge pin at the sides of the knees. The lower half has 10mm high density foam insert, more than enough to pad the knees when going to ground. Additionally the lower half has a high friction rubber section that prevents slipping nicley. The hinges work like a charm i barely knew they were there actually! The elasticated straps were not even all that tight so there was no pinching and yet they stayed in place and did not hinder my movements when running jumping crawling and so on.


Really very impressed with these bits of kit.

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I loved my KP III as well. They are probably the most protective kneepads you can reasonably get. I remember at UA I was running for a doorway in the rain and slipped up. My knee hit the edge of the step in front of the door hard enough that I felt and heard the air escape from the foam. I didn't even get a bruise on that knee :) I doubt many other kneepads would have done quite as well as that. Eventually they start to squeak/scrape at the hinge but nothing a wash and a quick spray of PTFE lube (like GT85) won't fix.


I have a slight complaint though, which is the customer support is non-existant. The hook on one of my black pair broke and I tried to contact them for a replacement hook for an otherwise useable kneepad...... after many attempts over the last year I have received no reply.

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