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Carbine Pistol Picture Thread

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I've had a lot of requests recently for a carbine picture thread, so here it is.


For clarification - by 'carbine' we will, for arguments sake, take it to mean any pistol based airsoft replica which utilises an extended body / stock. This includes the most recent wave of FPG and HERA variants as well as older variants such as the M712 Carbine.


Basically, if it's not quite a pistol any longer but also not quite a SMG / Assault Rifle, it probably belongs here...

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New one - 1911 HERA kit.



  • TM 1911A1
  • HERA kit in DE
  • King Arms AEG buffer tube
  • MAG 1-pt sling hook
  • N/K Bungee sling
  • TM LE Stock
  • PDI 6.01 Tightbore
  • Element EoTech 551
  • Three Letter Abreveiations

Old one - FPG:



  • KWA G18C
  • PTS FPG Kit
  • PTS 1-pt sling hook
  • PTS MS2
  • Shooters Extended Inner tightbore + Outer barrel
  • Shooters Steel upper receiver lock

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I can offer a couple of candidates, all clearly pistols but I'm not sure if you'd consider all of them "carbines" as the last two can revert to straight pistol style very quickly. However........


(Modern) Hera Glock



Based on a KWA G17


(Recent - 1970's) HK VP70



Tanio Koba


(old school)





Personally I like them all in their own different ways.



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