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On the 20th of December 2010 my wife placed an order for a Black Shotgun Scabbard (AC148-002) from Cadetdirect.com The website has no indication that the product is out of stock and allows for the item to be placed in your shopping cart. The product description also says: Usually dispatched within 24 hours.


Today on the 18th of January 2011 I spoke to one of the staff at Cadet direct. His name was Micheal and was not very helpful. He explained that despite the website saying that items are Usually dispatched within 24 hours in fact this means that they can send the items out whenever they feel like as no time is given. He also went on to explain that he did not know why the product was not in stock and that it could be another 2 weeks until they get the product in. He gave no apology for why no one had contacted us or why the 2 phone calls placed by my wife had not reveled that the product was not yet even in this country.


Instead of wasting even more time with this company I asked for a full refund. This was agreed but I was told it may take up-to 9 days despite the money being taken from my wife's account instantly when the order was placed.





Why is the customer service in this country so bloody bad? I have since contacted 2 company's on different continents who have the scabbard in stock for a similar price inc postage and can get it to me in under 10 days. The only reason my wife used them was because they are in the UK so she expected a quick efficient service. The price of this item was reasonable compared to other sellers although it is one of the only items on their site that is reasonably priced. They have the Webtex gun case listed at only £68.75 despite it having a trade price of only £27.95 so you might expect some of that £40 mark up to go on customer service but it appears it does not.


So I won't be using them ever! And I suggest that if you do want to use them that you check the stock levels and compare their prices before parting with your cash.



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Interesting, every time I've ordered from Cadet Direct I have had absolutely no problems whatsoever and found them VERY helpful when I've had queries, always receiving good information quickly. Sounds like you guys have had a case of bad luck. :(


I will agree that they can be very pricey for some items though, but I can count on them when I need issue kit replacing. Not disputing any of your stories, merely trying to add balance to the thread.

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I placed a couple of orders through survival aids a couple of weeks ago. Both orders were partially shipped with emails telling me there will be a couple of week delays on the remaining items. Only had one email since to tell me one of the delayed items has been shipped out to me. The delays isn't a problem for me as long as I have them in time for flying out to the States on 9th March for East Wind IV. Still doesn't help people who ned stuff quick though...

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A Month! What is it with UK retailers?


Anyway at least you got what you paid for. ;)



Ok, I thought the last few items had arrived. I just got an email from them informing me that they are dispatching the final part of the order. So I placed my order at the end of January and the final item was dispatched nearly 6 months later! Luckily it wasn't something I really needed tbh and so I forgot all about it.

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