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Bullseye Country Sport

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Having an absolute ball at the moment buying all sorts of gear (being relatively new into the sport).

After playing a couple of games with my new G36 was on the lookout for a decent scope at a decent price. Been hunting for a few weeks and was about to order the one I wanted from HK when I came acrossBullseye Country Sport

They are an NI based company with a wide variety of gear, from the usual clothing through to camping, hunting and security stuff. They have an fantastic selection of scopes and sights, pretty much all in stock and extremely reasonably priced. Picked up a couple of decently priced Molle pouches at the same time. I would recommend having a look through for hard to find items. They do have aegs and pistols listed as a category but currently they are empty.

The website itself is well laid out with stock level information on pretty much everything, I believe they also have an ebay storefront.

P&P is a flat £3.99 to the UK.


So far, so same as usual... Now for me the difference that prompted me to write this up.

I had a problem with the checkout on Sunday evening when I placed my order so dropped them an email (got stuck in a payment verification loop) expecting a mail back sometime Monday. You can imagine how far I fell off my chair when an email pinged back about ten minutes later and I had a manual paypal invoice (after a couple of clarification emails) about an hour later.

All done and paid...Now I know as I hadnt gone through the regular procedure I didnt get any shipping notification details, so getting in from work today I dropped them an email again just to check payment was all ok and my stuff was on the way. Went off to have my dinner (a very lovely Chicken Pie thanks!) when my mobile went off..It was Emma from Bullseye saying she had checked the parcelfarce details and it had been signed for today. Checked with my neighbours and yep there was my package.

I honestly cant even think of a time when a retailer has phoned ME to help out! and at 6.30 in the evening, well after closing time.

Can offer nothing but praise, give em a go.




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I have to chip in to say that I had fantastic service from them too.


After a few emails to check stock and sizing, I placed an order for a set of Czech 95 camo gear at just before midday on a Thursday.


Postie arrived with it next day at 11:30am


You really can't complain about receiving bulky packages next day for only £3.99 carriage !!!

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