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G&P Stoner MK.23 LMG

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How hard would it be top drop a p*, prowin p90 hopup and an orga 363 in this thing?
Most retailers list this as having a 'modified V2 gearbox' so I'm sure you'd have to do at least some work to get it to fit, it won't be a drop-in.


No idea about the hopup and inner barrel, though I'd assume any inner barrel would fit easily.


You would have to look, but there is a thread out on the web about a guy installing a v2 P* in one, and how he's had to go about doing it. I seem to remember the latest issues were getting the box mag to work w/ the fcu. Although supposedly, P*'s latest fcu's resolve some of those issues from what I remember...


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I'm sitting with a friend's MK23 that i've tested over a long time. The barrel is replaced, and it doesn't work properly. It can move back and fort 1-2mm, and while it mostly shoots ok, at some point the hopup rubber gets moved forward too and the nozzle loses seal.

I'm having that same problem with the standard barrel I think. My FPS dropped about 80FPS, but the compression in the cylinder is excellent.

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I can use PTFE for other parts, but I don't feel it'd solve this problem.


If I set the barrel + rubber correctly the C-clip won't "click" in its place. If I pull gently from the barrel it'll move a bit then click, but I guess that's causing a gap that ruins the air seal, and that's with the default barrel.

I either need a different kind of rubber that is thicker at the BB side or make a ~1mm extension ring for the barrel so it keeps the notches in their place while pushing the rubber further up the chamber...

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While I love my Stoner, it has been giving me fits. I've fielded it 3 times now and it has not worked an entire day yet. The first time, it was DOA so in the boot it went. Second time I brought it out, it worked great at the range... until the piston shattered once I took the field. Third time which was like 2 weeks ago, it rocked for the first half of the day, and then there was a misfeed which caused the piston to lock back. Pretty frustrating... I would boot it from the arsenal if it weren't so sexy...

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I had to change a stripped piston the first time I fielded it, so I took my time to correct the AoE and check the shimming.

I also changed the spring, as the one I had when it arrived gave only 265FPS (I'm guessing it was a 340FPS spring but the barrel-to-nozzle problem was already there).


However my problem is that I either have another barrel installed or mine is defective, because I can't get proper air seal with the nozzle. I get 320FPS when I should be getting 390-400.

I don't think the guys at Safara changed it for a standard barrel, but it's hard to know, as they haven't answered my e-mails.

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