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Sorbothane Impact Protection Kits


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Now available from Midas Airsoft - Sorbothane impact protection kits.



We are the first company to offer this kit within the UK and very proud to announce the launch of this product today. It is the first of many innovative products that I plan to introduce to the airsoft community in this coming year.


This product is not even produced in the USA, so this is a very very good day for us.


Not only do these kits absorb approximately 95% of the impact force they quieten the cycle of the gear box significantly. You no longer have to worry about impact induced breakages to your gear box. Even when using the higher fps level springs used in DMR's


These kits offer one of the best forms of AOE correction available on the market today. They are not offered with self adhesive tape. These pads are installed using Super glue gel or equivalent.


It is advised that for AOE correction you have the spring in the gear box as this is a compressive material and you need to know that it won't compress any further when the gear box cycles. During AOE correction it is a usual requirement that the second tooth from the catch tooth at the rear of the piston is removed, with the possibility of half the third.


The kit comprises of 1x 5mm 1x 3mm 1x 1mm and 1x 1mm for the piston head.


The 5mm or 3mm (select correct pad to adjust AOE to suit) are the Sorbothane pads and should be covered by the 1mm pad which is a protective layer. The small 1mm pad is bonded to the piston head.


The surfaces that need bonding require light scuff using an abrasive paper then cleaned to remove any traces of impurities prior to bonding.


These kits are only available from Midas Airsoft.


The cost of the kit is £9.98 plus P&P.


Available from our website here!





The VSR kit comprises of one 3mm Sorbothane pad with one 1mm protective pad.


Fitted in exactly the same way as the aeg kits.


The cost of the VSR kit will be £5.99 plus P&P.


Available from our website soon!





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