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LiPo Battery Comparison 7.4v to 14.4v


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Hi guys, thought of this yesterday and thought it would be useful to quite a few people. New and maybe not so new.


I haven't seen anybody do a battery comparison test so I thought I would demonstrate the performance of different batteries on the same gear box. Particularly as I am awaiting parts to complete my new CA33. I rebuilt the gear box over the last week including sorbo pads. The list of parts are as follows :


SHS Max torque motor.

Classic Army standard ratio gears. Modified by me.

SHS stainless spring guide with bearings.

SHS M110 spring.

SHS Supercore clone piston, modified by me.

Action aluminium bearing back piston head kit.

Element pom piston head.

Element cylinder matching barrel length.

SHS tappet plate.

Element double seal aluminium cylinder head.

SHS aluminium anodized air nozzle.

SHS shims.

7mm solid bushings.



Surprisingly this does still have the stock Classic Army gear set in, yes ok they have been modified as has the piston but still standard ratio none the less.


So first up is a small (it is tiny even compared to a NiHM's mini battery) 1750 mAh 7.4V 20C LiPo. The dims are, 94x33x14mm but does come supplied with 12 AWG wire and XT60 connectors.


This is the result.



Second is a Nano tech 2200mAh 7.4 25C.


Another small battery, 112x35x18mm and has 12 AWG wire and XT60 connectors.



Thirdly is virtually the same as the one above but rated as 35C continuous discharge. 2200 mAh 7.4v 35C



The last in line for the time being as I need to wire a fet in is a very small 11.1v 1550 mAh 20C. Dimensions are, 91x34x20mm. Wired with 12 AWG wire and an XT60 plug.




I have three more that I could use including an 18.5, but while I think if a jobs worth doing its worth over doing. This gear box was built to run a small 7.4 battery with out a fet. So it lasted OK. But I do tend to over engineer things.


If I ran it on the same battery that's in my M41, I would expect this to run at around 45 a sec. With the 18.5 being close to 50. But this box isn't set up for that and never will be.


Thank you for looking and I hope it has been of some use.


I thought I would just post up my M41, just to show you what can be achieved.




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