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Classic Airsoft Thread

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This thread is dedicated to pictures of any CLASSIC airsoft replicas only. For the sake of argument, classic airsoft can be taken to mean any replica model manufactured prior to 2000. This means while a JAC MP5 or Asahi MP40 may be fine to post images of, a Dboys AK74 is not.


Please remember, as always, this is primarily a image thread. All content should be of the related images - there's plenty of other areas of the forums for queries. :)


With that said, have fun!

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thanks to Marlowe for sorting this thread and to kick it off here are some classic Tokyo Mauri AEG's


First up is the ultra rare TM Colt M653 Barnes rifle. This came in 2 flavours and the difference being one had a sliding stock and the other a fixed stock. The AEG was a copy of the M16's used in the film Platoon hence the name Barnes after one of the main characters.

Fixed stock



Sliding stock



Next up we have a TM Spetsnaz Alpha. this was a limited addition AK produced by TM. There are a lot of AK's like it now but at the time this was the only short Ak available for a long time. If you notice the receiver is unmarked at the selector switch and thats because this thing has fired a maximum of 10 bb's :)



The good old G3A3 is up next. Plastic and creaks like an old man but you'd be lucky to find one nowadays however it's not as rare as the G3A4 (go on someone post a picture of your one).



Another rare Colt and this time the CAR 15. G&P are producing one shortly however this is the only AEG version out there. pretty rare nowadays but they do turn up from time to time.



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Whilst we are on about colt versions here is the Xm177. all plastic once again and very very light. This is the only one I have seen but there must be a few more out there.



A pretty rare complete Mc 51. Again I have not seen many of these out there and especially in A1 condition.



Lastly from TM is the Sig 551. pretty cool adjustable rate of fire which broke quite easy hence they no longer make them but this one is fully functional.



And here is something a bit different. It's a TOP MP 40. weird bellows system which made it unreliable like most TOP AEGF's and you usually had to spend a few quid to make them fire right. It does have the best finish of any MP40 out there however.



I might have a few others which i will post later.

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Asahi FNC tuned by Booster with LRB. Has semi, functioning 3 round burst, and full auto of course. Outranges everything I've used or played against. The Asahi FNC came out in 1989



JAC limited now has a XM177 flashider and the SP pictured has been sold. I'll get some new pics of the JAC

I've got/had a few other guns that are considered "neo-classics:" Escort MP5, I've had a couple Sun Project M4s and a DG AKMS, but those were made post-2000 I believe.



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New pics of that JAC XM177 Limited




And my collection of classic AR mags

In this image there are 6 Asahi mags on the left and 6 JAC mags on the right.


(In this image the 6 JAC mags are on the left and the 6 Asahi mags are on the right)


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Looks legit Ion!





The old school guns I've had:





TM SIG 551:







MGC 10/22's (Sporter and Black Panther):







Toytec Calico:







JAC AUG A1 (Phantom kit installed):







Sadly, all are now sold though!






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Pulling this up from the back shelf simply because:


One off Jac powered G3 build. Needs a lot of work, ie. correct fastners etc. and some sacrificial Jac M4 mags. No hop up, Full auto only.

Asahi Bushmaster in action 2011, gun circa 1989-1990, work done by booster:


Still holds its own against AEG's.


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