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WTS: Replica Schofield and Volcanic Repeater

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I bought these a while back for drawing reference (and to possibly convert the Schofield to airsoft with the Cassiopea system), but now I'd rather buy a real-steel Schofield. These are those same replicas you can find on all those replica weapon internet sites (and eBay). Unlike eBay, these didn't come with an ugly orange permanent plug. They are both full metal and wood, and quite hefty in-hand. The Schofield functions just like its real counterpart, with working hammer, cylinder, trigger, and break-top design. The Volcanic cocking lever works, cocks the hammer, and the trigger drops it.


The only issue with either of them is the Volcanic's left grip panel is loose and can turn. Some glue should take care of that no problem. It won't fall off, it just has too much play and I don't think it's a real screw that's attaching it.







These things go for over $100 each online, typically, and mine are in Like New condition (in the original boxes), so I'll sell them for:


$70 shipped in the US - Schofield

$60 shipped in the US - Volcanic

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