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H&K Picture Thread

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That HK417 ain't got *suitcase* on me! Here's a tactical 7,62 mm for ya! :D



When shotguns just won't *fruitcage* people up enough at close range. Seriously awesome, I love the G3MP5K/Whatever the terminology is!

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Erka92: Thanks, great too see others appreciate the XM8.

Big Tony: They sure are. :)

bobbyc222: What internals are you running?


An updated mock-up photo, forgot some parts and still work to be done obviously. SRC, GWS (upper) and AGM (handguard) XM8 parts mix with a STAR G36 steel barrel. :)



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That HK417 ain't got *suitcase* on me! Here's a tactical 7,62 mm for ya! :D


I came, lots. That is an amazing looking gun, now to make one of my own with the sliding stock, for the lols.



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Definitely looks better with the proper handguard, and the trades are a nice finishing touch (almost wished I had gotten around to getting the kit :o) HJA1512.


Internally mines a pretty bog basic AEG - there are no fancy special DMR limits at my local, so there was no point semi-auto locking it..


I've gone round systematically replacing the swiss cheese SRC curiously refer to as "parts" - customed TM G36 hopup installed (pic below of the bodge, not pretty but it works) with TM bucking and H nub - the metal hop that came with it wasn't even any good as a paperweight, and because SRC had to be special and try out their own hop design you have to do some fiddling to get anything else in there. In the end I settled with a bit of plastic funnel filled with wood filler and drilled for the feeding tube replacement thingy. I have toyed with sticking it to the M8 lower receiver but I can't get it to feed from there, whereas it feeds fine stuck to the hop unit so there it has stayed.




Otherwise it currently has a lonex steel 6.03 510mm barrel (don't laugh) - I actually prefer it to the systema 6.04 510mm I had in there previously (I swapped in the lonex just to see if they were worth looking at and was pleasantly surprised after a bit of polishing), fiddled systema silent piston head (for improve longevity of gearbox more than anything), SHS air nozzle and cylinder head (again, heard good things about SHS so thought I would whack em in and see), King Arms fire select plate (SRCs just bent rather than changed modes), ICS turbo 3000 motor and a fresh systema M100 (shooting in the 340s at the moment which is higher than I would like, hopefully will drop towards the 320s after it has bedded in).

The tappet plate is currently being a head ache and causing feeding woes as it just seems to ride up over the sector clip (<- forgot to mention I put one of those in because the 3000 was just a tad too fast, got a pot metal sector clip for durability and ease to tailor to the sector gear) rather than pull back the nozzle - which is free to travel on the cylinder head. Have a simple homebrew AB mosfet in there for all the wonderful reasons listed in the MOSFET Thread, mostly the better trigger response, and the use of 11V lipos (again for trigger response) - usually use 7.4s these days though because I have more knocking around/ haven't fetted all my rifs yet and want easy battery swap for the lot.


I also have some 15-20mm plastic pipe cut and wedged between the blocks where the tail joins the body, and where the main hand guard (see below) locking pin goes (I have replaced the pin with 5mm nut and bolt for better locking), I did this to stop the polymer caving at these points when the hex (tail) and bolt (hand guard) are tightened - it lets you reduce the movement (ergo noise) without worrying about snapping/ going through the polymer, it isn't exactly the strongest stuff in the world




The shell, gears, bushings, cylinder and spring guide look decent enough, but I have almost no faith in the piston and will replace that as and when.



Little bit of advice for you - when you are done and about to put the rifle back together, get some white lithium grease and slop a bit along all the joining edges of the bodywork with a cotton but or something and let it dry before reassembly. This will kill most of the creaking you tend to get from the polymer where it moves slightly against the next piece (that's the whitish goop you can see in the above - you can see it when you have the rifle apart but doesn't show when it's all together).



Sorry for picture quality, they are just a few I have knocked off in this evenings gloom...

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That HK417 ain't got *suitcase* on me! Here's a tactical 7,62 mm for ya! :D






Great! now this thread is useless! nothing comes closer


Time to write a mod to delete all the posts, leave this post alone and pin it for future generations to worship

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latest incarnation of my TM EBB Sopmod , as near as i can get it to a HK 416 ;



JG RIS unit , ACM HK pistol grip , ACM stock and a G36 long rail epoxyed and Mil puttied to the reciever top to raise it up to match the hight of the RIS unit .

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My WE HK416

current mods:

RA Tech trigger group

RA Tech steel bolt and nozzle

G&P 552 Red Dot

G7P front grip

VFC PeqBox

Vltor charging handle

Magpul sling attachments (front and rear)

Magpul CTR stock (RS)

…still to come: Firefly hopup & Angry Gun TB


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bobbyc222: Ah, I did not see your location until now, I sort of assumed you would be running some high fps set-up. :) Thanks for the tips anyway, might come in handy. I've had my carbine XM8 for almost 3 years but I've never opened it up as I haven't really had any trouble with it. Were you let down by the stock SRC hop-up? I find mine ok. I actually ordered a King Arms G36 selector plate for a friend of mine lately, will have a look at it when it arrives. Quite embarassing but I haven't bought a MOSFET for any of my AEGs yet, does it affect your XM8 battery space in any way? :)

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Cool! HSD?


I have never heard of them either.

I was browsing Ebairsoft, and I noticed a USPc GBB for only $80 with free shipping. I've never heard of an ACM USP (Maybe I live under a rock), so I decided to order one, for laughs.


Turns out ebairsoft "contracted" HSD to make only 60 of these lovely USP compacts.

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WELL MP7A1 AEG, stock

PEQ15 /w red laser

SureFire flashlight

Aimpoint Micro T1 Dot


- MIC MP7A1 silencer, on the way













Crane Stock

Surefire Flashlight


CTR Stock

AFG1 HandGrip

Eotech XPS3

Eotech 4x Magnifier /w FTS mount




*all accessories are replicas, none of them is RS.

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