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H&K Picture Thread

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well mp7

g&p micro  t1
peq15 clone
m600 flashlight clone


Well MP7?  As in the one that shoots like 150 FPS?  My buddy has one of those...


And god damn it Stress!  Every time you post, I have to start on a new project!  Nice work...

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MC51 and MK23 SOCOM got some use last Sunday, ignore the F.L.O.S. carrying them.  :D Damn MC51 scared the out of me when it's fuse EXPLODED right next to my ear, and when I took the stock off to get at the damn thing it ripped the wires out of the wiring loom connector (don't ask because I have no idea) leading to a sweary 15 minutes before I finally fixed it. 


Working fine now. :)

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Hellz yeah! Finally joining the HK416 club, wanted one of those for a loooong time ! :D


AFC/WE HK416 GBBR with trademarks :)
















My god look at that awesome black anodizing and trademarks, it is SOOO beautiful ! :D


Also, solid as a rock with the exception of the stock which I will have to swap out.


Cut it down to a 10.5" first thing I did.


Grip is too slim for my taste, trigger finger touches my arm on the other side almost :P


Also going to swap out all the small bits and pieces for RS parts like I did on my M4, ie. 6 pos. buffer tube, pins, springs, plates, locking lugs, detent pins, forward assist and dust cover ettc. Just gives it a much nicer feel and overall even look.


EOTech is a 551 that I got from hawaiinjuggernaut on here.


And here is quick video as well:


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AirsoftGlobal : http://www.airsoftglobal.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=552_553&products_id=13899




Dang, it turned out to be expensive for me...


360 for the rifle, 50 handling fee for split shippinh, 100 USD shipping and tax and customs ! :0

YOWZER, 600 USD or there abouts.

Luckily the USD conversion is good right now but still :|

I needed it with trades though so it's worth it :D

Can't be had locally for much less anyways so, doesn't matter.

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Anybody who knows where to get the original RS pistolgrip for HK416 the vertical type?

HKpart.net wont send to EU and most gunshop wont eighter.

Wouk so much like to get my dirty little hands on one of theese....


Also for AEGs but VFC dont sell as spare parts yet.

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If it wasn't for the fact that I am uncomfortable using the rifle as stripped down as it is there I wouldn't do another thing to it, except fix the stock. But I need a foregrip of some sorts to control the front end. :o


We shall see what the future holds for it.


But yeah, it is damn sexhay ! :)

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How comes WE are going in one direction (no trademarks) with their pistols (PX4sc) and another (full trademarks) with that rifle? Or are the trademarks aftermarket?


Either way, a lovely looking gun - shame about the stock, but at least it's all wrong anyway so you won't feel bad replacing it!

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The trademarks are not WE's making. They are done by AFC, Armed Forced Company, in HK, WE's HK distributor. They are sometimes listed as "WE w/ full trademarks" just to not confuse people, but they are "AFC" products on paper.


Either way, not oficially done or supported by WE, but I won't complain.

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Both of them stil have some work to be done.



KSC HK USP.45 System 7


There is a doctor sight mount beeing machined as we speak to be fitted.

Profitable of this solution is it will still fit in my Blackhawk Serpa holster.


Second(to none)

WE HK 416(8)


The silencerattrap are just covering the long innerbarrel which has to refitted for the shorter PDI Raven 6.01mm

Internal it has the NPAS set to 109m/s due the use of 0.28gr BBs, so it still under 1,69J which here in Denmark is the top!

In the mail there are a mount to raise the flashlight in&up and a straight mount for the ACM AimpointM2

I still need to get a hold of the original HK416 pistolgrip but this has proven to be quite a problem here i Europe DK.

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Some beautiful guns in here! Thought I'd get in on some of the HK love.. A little real steel, and a little bit airsoft...




Sent from my totally sexy, Android powered, IPod killing, Samsung Galaxy S3 ;-)


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