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So, finally got this project finished. Far more work than I might have hoped for but I have learnt some things for next time(!).  

My VFC MP5K with SP89 handguard and VFC MP5 with an K grip adapter.  

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As far as i know the best XM8s are made by SRC.  There was a body kit that you could transplant G36 parts into, but I can't remember who made it.  It was expensive though, and it wasn't very good anyway.


The SRC ones may be the best, but they are still made out of naff creaky plastic that flexes in your hands.  Someone really needs to make them out of whatever ARES make their Tavors out of.

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I don't think so, the last SRC I held (whatever version have the flip up sights and removable optic) was made from what felt like ABS plastic.


Shame as I've always liked the XM8.

Drake has it - the SRC XM8 is made of ABS, and ARES Tavors are made of nylon fibre.  I know this as I have both.

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I owned a gen 3 src xm8 for a little while, its definately made of nylon fiber. It did still have a little flex here and there, but it did not creak. The gen 3 models are the only ones with a pic rail under the optic. Definately worth buying if you can find one. The gen 1 and 2 src xm8s were made of abs.

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All are listed to have Nylon Fibre...

Quick Overview SRC XM8 GENIII AEG 

-- Nylon Fiber Construction
-- Come With 3 x Aiming Scope
-- G36 Type Metal Magazine accommodate 470 Round 6mm airsoft plastic BB
-- German Grey Version
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It's actually called Fibre Reinforced Nylon (FRP), to be correct, probably glass fibre reinforced as it's the most common, cheap and what H&k use themselves.


I remain unconvinced, not saying you're wrong though.  I have gen 2 and 3 XM8s, and they both feel like they're made of the same stuff, and they both flex ans creak in the same ways.

Being made from fibre reinforced nylon doesn't mean it won't flex and creak, it's not a wonder material, if the design allows it to flex then it'll flex to some extent whether it's made from ABS or FRP.

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Definitely didn't feel any different than shiny ABS to me. I used to have one of the old GWS xm8 kits from years back and it just reminded me of it, hence why I never took the plunge for the SRC one.


Could very well just be how its constructed but it didn't give me the same impression of rigidity that G36's and tavor's did.


Not trying to disprove anymore, simply sharing my own experiences. 

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