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H&K Picture Thread

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Well would you look at that! ICS with trademarks! I stand corrected! 

Ditto, had no idea they'd got a licence for the B&T trades! I'd have thought they'd have made quite a thing about it, plus they do actually look decent unlike a lot of trademarks such as the ones on Classic Army G3s.


I guess the TM spec lowers must be compatible with ICS uppers but not the other way around though.

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So, finally got this project finished. Far more work than I might have hoped for but I have learnt some things for next time(!).  

My VFC MP5K with SP89 handguard and VFC MP5 with an K grip adapter.  

LCT HK21 conversion

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Wow that's impressive for a steel slide, the best blow back I have ever felt was from a tokyo marui xdm and shooters design slide, just epic!!!! I do really love the ksc USP compact and the hk45, such beautifully made pistols, I don't think the marui hk45 was as good and really hope the marui USP compact is as nice looking as the ksc version.

Just an educated (not really) guess but I reckon vfc will produce a hk p30 or vp9 this year, and if they do they will be my favourite airsoft company in the world.

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Most of the time it's the recoil spring, which makes the cycling sluggish since it takes longer to return to battery. The VFC M&P and the PPQ are both pretty soft spring, but their slides are also pretty light. Would be harder to refit heavier spring on those platform I think. I am guessing the gas system are alright because VFC likes to make them full auto for whatever reason.... The Hi-Capa one happens to fit here, and Hi-Capa platform has lots of tuning options. 


Oh this cycles with a light-ish can hanging on the barrel too...



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###### off at the prospect of never being able to find the King Arms silencer for the KSC Mk23, I bought a supercheap Socom silencer for -14mm threads.


Does anyone know of an adapter for this? It would need to be: Male -14mm (CCW) to female 16mm (CW).


EDIT: Found it. I was scanning hardware stores instead of going directly to airsoft shops.






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If you can find a cheap ASG, KJW, TM silencer you should be able to swap the threaded base over on to a better looking can.


There's also this adapter


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Crappy iPad camera but two of my favourite pistols. KWA MK23 and KSC USP Japanese version (modified tactical)


Alas the Mk23 is no longer mine but I just can't get enough of the USP. Says a lot when I ditched my Marui Glock 17 for this at last nights game. Glock just couldn't keep up.





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