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H&K Picture Thread

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So, finally got this project finished. Far more work than I might have hoped for but I have learnt some things for next time(!).  

My VFC MP5K with SP89 handguard and VFC MP5 with an K grip adapter.  

LCT HK21 conversion

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2 hours ago, hitmanNo2 said:

Now that’s a blast from the past! I loved Arnies End of Days build. 

I had a similar thing but nowhere near as good:



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On 8/16/2019 at 5:11 AM, TheFull9 said:

(I dunno if that's what you were actually going for, just something that came to mind.  I think the Russian side had that camo as an unlock too.. maybe..)

BF3, actually, it was a DLC weapon. I loved running it with the Kobra in CQB, that 2 body shot kill at close range was very handy.

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I know you love gun porn.

Its missing only CO2 Mags, which I consider drawing by myself as VFC is stubborn to let me throw money on them - and it is missing some RS supressor cover, so until than I will not annoy you with an ugly AceTech.


Inside, all got replaced what you can buy as aftermarket part + some custom made parts +  trigger got some mods to be better,  but its not as crisp as a Glock Trigger.

Outside: Well, all you can see is RealSteel. I am no US citizen and this picture was not made in the US, so everyone who knows what I am talking about : *happy*


Spec List:


- AST VP-9 Tactical Steel Slide - but the barrel needs to be of the Standard Version, or you will miss markings like me.

- Crusader Steel Spring Rod

- Crusader Steel Takedown Lever

- Crusader Steel Extractor

- MapleLeaf CrazyJet 6.04mm 97mm Barrel, only for NoSupressor Setup. Supressor Setup 125mm.

- MapleLeaf I Key - not in use at the moment

- all MapleLeaf Rubbers, testing 50° Deception at the moment

- Maple Leaf 1911 HopUp Adjustment

- AceTech LighterM

- Surefire RDH-1 Holster

- Safariland QLS-19+22L

- SureFire X400VH-B-IRC + electrical tape for Protection

- PHLstar ARC Enhanced Switches - Medium

- Brügger & Thomet VP9 ACRO Mounting Plate

- Aimpoint ACRO + electrical tape

- Detonator Heinie Supressor Sights -> you still can not use them due to the ACRO, RS has the same issue...

- AdvantageTacticalSights, but not mounted.

- GearKeeper Retractor

- AMG High Ouput Valve

- AMG Anti Freeze Cylinder Bulb

- Robin Hood Magazine Extensions, using 20BBs as RealCap

CO2 Charger do not work with my stock hammer spring, but lets see if we replaced that.

that went out again:

- MapleLeaf I Key

- Crusader Match Grade Trigger



- stippling

- tightly fitted outer barrel

- trigger bar reinforcments against flexing, really works.


1. CO2!!!

2. CO2!!!

3. CO2!!!

4. Barrel with Markings, but just out of laziness to order

5. maybe MAG Spring Upgrade, as soon as the original sprinfs weeken

6. Supressor Cover + mounted Supressor = Noddle time.

Fun: Pumping 200PSI HPA into her, so the recoil is to quick for the slide catch :o

Total smth like 2-2.5k spend into this brick.


Edit: fix broken pics.












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Has anyone tried this in AEG form? HK416 upper on M4 lower (the picture is a real gun, apparently Delta/CAG did this in the very beginning before adopting full HK's).

I have tried different combos and so far E&C upper and lower has the best fit, but unvariably the upper is a couple milimeters longer, so that the front holes for the receiver pins dont line up. So much so, that a good filing doesn't remedy the situation. I'd have to dremel either the lower or the upper to a point in which the tangs would be very thin on one side and I fear they could break.

Also, does anyone know of an airsoft replica of the LaRue Eotech riser? I am almost certain I saw one made by Element, but cand find it now. I have the shorter one.


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Ze German's are coming!
That mp5 is my first ever AEG (an original CA I bought back in like 2001/2002ish?) I've been debating going ris and tossing a t1 on it or just keeping it as is for that classic look.  (The USP is real steel, and I know the Glock isn't an HK lol but I'm down to only 2 airsoft HK's now..)
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