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So, finally got this project finished. Far more work than I might have hoped for but I have learnt some things for next time(!).  

My VFC MP5K with SP89 handguard and VFC MP5 with an K grip adapter.  

LCT HK21 conversion

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On 12/1/2019 at 8:19 PM, sandstorm said:

Hey, a bit of lame question, but trying to google, and it's giving me all sorts of unrelated junk... Does the WE888/HK3P 416 GBBR come with the two-part barrel to switch between 10" and 14" barrel lengths?

So, no one answered me, so I got one to check

1. Yes, the barrel is two-part, but the inner barel is too long to hide by flashhider in 10" mode.

2. Thankfully, KicBBGun got me one with shorter inner barrel to go with the 10" length.

3. It's sexy with the 20-round VN magazines...

4. Need couple more things to make it as sleek as I like, though.

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It's a pretty cool collector toy. Skirmishable only if you play inside buldings. Because the range is pathetic.

My only concern is the plastic construction, as the metal kit is impossible to find nowadays, but I always loved this small fu**er.

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9 hours ago, Agent Orange said:

any modification required to get the F stock to fit? I wanted to do this to mine... before F stocks started selling for like $600   :(

It went right into place and locks in place. The issue now is to lock it in retracted position. This means making a small square in stock (hacksaw/dremel/file).

The price was around 60 € at Zib militaria for the stock.

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