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VFC AK104 PMC Limited Edition

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So I picked up my VFC AK104 PMC yesterday as a base gun for an upcoming project, but before I totally ruin her, I'll give a quick overview. I'm totally new at reviewing stuff and being the less-eloquent kind, I'd rather just show more pictures as pictures are a thousand words. I'm more of a practical person when it comes to airsoft (I like building more than talking), so forgive me if this review completely says nothing you don't already know.


This is basically your typical VFC-quality AK 104 with a bunch of AK accessories which VFC has made, but all in one bundle. The accessories include:


-VLTOR type AK- buffer tube stock adaptor

-Crane style stock

-AK Tactical Bolt carrier

-Ultimak upper optic mount

-Polymer AK Tactical handguard

-AAC 51T Blackout M.I.T.E.R. SPR/M4 Flashider

-Steel AK47 magazine as opposed to the polymer AK74 magazine


As can be expected, it's VFC quality, so it came with the same steel and polymer quality you would expect with any VFC AEG. Everything was tightly put together including the handguard release levers, however, these seemed to loosen a bit after one disassembly. Nonetheless, they still fit very well in a neat tight package.





Starting from the front, the AAC SPR-M4 Style flashider was a real change as I haven't seen many AK's with this sort of set up. The flashider is steel and comes with in standard airsoft 14mm (-). The inner barrel only goes to the end of the outer and not throughout the flashider.




Tactical Handguard/RIS

Moving further down the gun, the lower AK Tactical handguard it comes with is pretty standard stuff. I've got to say I would've much more preferred the longer Ultimak style lower RIS. The Polymer AK handguard only has a bottom rail long enough for 1 AFG and two tiny side rails for possibly a scoutlight. Being an AR person, I"m used to having rails left, right and centre, but this particular handguard is, I suppose, enough for a minimal accesories setup. The upper Ultimak-style rail is machined aluminum and great for mounting CQB optics without requiring the standard rear AK optic mount.



Iron Sight

The rear flip sight operates as a real steel by pushing the mount forward/backwards to adjust for elevation. The mechanism locks into place quite rigidly.



"Tacticool" Bolt Carrier

Being an AEG, the bolt carrier is only for cosmetic purposes, but like all newer VFC AKs, this also has the electric blow back (EBB) system. This is a somehwat cool feature, however, with the extended charging handle, this could possibly pose problems when skirmishing. The way the VFC EBB system is setup, is that the bolt carrier is connected to the piston which drives the blow back action. As I'm sure you can imagine, this could start having issues if anything gets in the way of the charging handle while firing.






The receiver is made from steel (I believe it's actually casted and not stamped, but I could be wrong), with a rough annodized finish. Trademarks are stamped into the receiver (not etched/engraved) which gives it that added bit of realism (although selector trades are incorrect).IMG_6301.jpg



Receiver top opened, will reveal the EBB mechanism as well as the top of the gear box where the battery is supposed to be placed. VFC did not drill a hole in the rear of the receiver to accomodate for a stock tube battery.




Bottoms up view of the magwell (What warranty?!!!!):



Stock/Buffer Tube

Also included with the PMC is the VLTOR style AK to AR buffer tube adaptor. The tube is longer than your standard AR buffer tube and includes a QD mount on both left and right sides for mid-sling mounting. The back of the Tube has a screw on cover with an O-ring for water-tight storage. I would prefer if VFC used this as the battery compartment instead.





The stock however, was the biggest disappointment for me and it seemed that VFC added this as an afterthought. I supposed VFC doesn't make a lot of stock accessories in general, however, they went with their Crane type stock with no trademarks (major disappointment).




Overall, my inital impressions of the VFC AK104PMC has given me mixed feelings. On one hand, you get the real build quality one would expect from a VFC AEG, on the other hand, it seemed all VFC really did was chuck a bunch of their spare parts together and call it limited. There wasn't much in terms of designing anything unique to this model, so it really isn't THAT special. With an MSRP of USD20 more than the standard VFC AK 105, I guess it's a relatively good buy. But it sure isn't for the AK purist.


I have not yet chrono'd her, but will post pics and performance specs/reviews once I've gotten around to it.

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I preordered this straight away when it came on wgc and have had it for a while now. I suggest you remove the blowback operation rod because it grinds on the cylinder and gearbox case and fills the receiver with metal shavings.

Also ive never been overly impressed with vfc internals (owned a Scar H before) the gears and motor seem to have very little torque, they have trouble pulling back a systema M120S spring with 11,1v 15c lipo.

And the piston feels very brittle, the Scar heavys piston broke with M120 spring after few thousand rounds. Furthermore seems the AK is having some compression/leakage issues seeing im only getting around 100 m/s on .25g bb with the systema spring.


That said like Noveske im impressed with the external quality, id say this is the best area for vfc guns.

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I haven't bothered opening the gearbox as I've been too lazy to do so, but I expect the internals to be pretty standard VFC. This is my 5th VFC AEG, and I believe they're still using the same clear plastic cheapo piston. Usually that's the first thing to go on all my VFCs. 2nd is usually the cheap plastic hopup chamber, however, the one on the AK seems a bit more solid. I have yet to test the performance. I have to agree with Mirska on the EBB feature. Doesn't seem too reliable of a design IMHO.

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actually the markings are correct. it's a romanian-based ak. and the receiver should be stamped. my vfc romanian ak is definitely stamped.



I stand corrected! Thanks for the info!

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Tested it through the chrono last night using 0.25g bbs:


1st Shot: 1.17J

2nd Shot: 1.15J

3rd Shot: 1.17J

4th Shot: 1.16J

5th Shot: 1.18J


So it gives a pretty consistent 1.17J ish stock power (about 305FPS) using 0.25g bbs. As with my other VFCs, I got around the same results. One thing I did notice was that the EBB mech is really loud with the bolt smashing back and forth.



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