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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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PBS-1 replica arrived for my Bizon.  Had to dremel out a bit on the end (and fight the gearbox again after having to take it out to put longer inner barrel in).  Despite being non-steel it still got a bit of heft to it and oddly enough makes the bizon front heavy somewhat now (which is what most folks assume the bizon on its own to be when it isn't airsoft wise).  I'm sure the longer barrel won't play nice with the cylinder but hey, maybe it will drop the fps down low enough again to make it 5 ft MED again.:P


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Long time no see. While im still here i might aswell post something.

One of my latest build, a Zastava M70AB2. Base out of a LCT  AEG and added real parts from a real gun i shopped down to a legal parts kit to bring back home. A nunchuck battery is hidden and custom fited in the lower handguard. So that the real bolt carrier can be racked.

Instead of listing whats real and airsoft i made a pic, simply showing how much it is. All real parts are genuine Zastava, used in the balkan war.

For more posts, check out my page Real Fake Guns FBYoutube and Instagram :)

Zastava M70AB2 1.jpg

Zastava M70AB2 2.jpg

Zastava M70AB2 3.jpg

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14 hours ago, GRIM! said:

Zastava M70AB2 3.jpg

Paint it like this ! And then just sit back and watch all the ‘pureistes’ have a total meltdown followed by a stroke ! 😈😈😈😈😈


PS , looks bloody good bud ! 👍

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Thought the same but with friends RS AMD woodgrip...

What are the dimensions?

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On 5/16/2019 at 3:05 PM, blobface said:

Super nice, ever considered getting the new slimline motors and stuffing it into a milled real steel pistol grip? 


Yes but the Zastava pistolgrip is moulded after the tumb so its too tight there. But i have an idea of doing a cast of the real grip and remold where the thumb is so that the slim motor fits.

Will see if i get the time for it in the future :)

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