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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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Considering the Surefire he's also using is also able to act as an IR lamp and there is no other form of sighting mechanism other than the DBAL, I'm going to guess that this is a night-time gun.



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My weird TM Next Gen AK build (kinda WIP-ish state):




Got an used AK74MN (without stock) from a local forum and attached a LCT AKS74UN stock onto it.

Needed to make my own pin and few spacers from resin sheets, steel and POM rods (using lathe in my work place) and of coz some filing and dremeling then gun bluing to the stock.


And then slapped a dynamic star 104 kit and AIMS lower handguard for the weird look (I saw similar design from LCT AIMS pistol and loved the weird look) and the actual very useful foregrip. Replaceing upper handguard seems un-do-able to me so I left as-is for now, may be making a heatsink style cover some time... oh BTW I also used the original TM inner barrel, chopped and beveled using the lathe.


Lower handguard's interior and rear end needed to be dremel'd to accommdate the trunnion-ish clamp thing under outer barrel; keeping the fuse / battery holder seems requiring the wooden handguard to be too thin to use, and eats up so much space for the battery/wires so I dumped it (useless for me anyway).


Front of the lower handguard also needed to be shortened few millimeters but luckily the LCT front kit locks the handguard cap by grub screw, I would settle for the moment coz chopping and recreating the retainer shape (plus the slot for the spring) seems beyond my dremel skill.



On top of it is my Belarus-made Kobra sitting in my closet for years for some tacticoolness :P


edit: Typo

edit (again): Some grammar fixes, and forgot to mention the stock catch broken due to a minor accident during the build, I finished the stock part and let the gun leaning next to my desk, I tripped it and the catch just broke, hence the missing stock catch button and the green tape holding the broken catch against the stock.

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I think it's one of the gold plated, presidential guard Tabuk Carbines from Saddam era Iraq. They were clones of the Zastava M92 (a lot of the Iraqi AKs, particularly the better quality ones, were either bought from Yugoslavia or were clones of Yugoslavian AKs.) http://www.theakforum.net/photos/tabuk-gold-2.jpg

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I'm loving the look of the AK with the forward mounted Aimpoint (shocker, I've been an AR/M14 user) and I am considering either a CYMA AK105 or the GHK model. 


Is there a replica of the Ultimak forward rail? I'm not too keen on paying the cost of the whole CYMA gun for a rail. 

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CYMA sells it separately, but you might have to search around some HK sites to find it. It does work very well though, I have a T1 replica on my AIMS AK, having the optic right above my hand makes putting the dot on target really fast and easy.

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Here's my 'nam era Type 56 ( RealSword ), weathered it the "Coke" way... And you know the funny thing ?  I sold it :)...






Here it was all original...




Here are the magic ingredients... No more no less...



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