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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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Man thats a nice bit of optic. What is it about russian weapon design, or at least soviet, design?


I swear the top marshals and arms ministers held a meeting one day: "okay gentlemen, we are skint. We have nukeswith 50 megaton payloads, yet cant afford the fuel to fire them beyond Bulgaria. Our only hope is a scarydesign ethos. We'll call it the Soviet School of terrifying, yet utilitarian Small arms. Our future depends on armijg our troops with hardware thatll scare the *suitcase* out of the enemy"


They did it too; look at the AK. It looks predatory, with a type of evil prescence. And the SVD too. It wasnt the precision sniper rifle its credited as; more like a DMR, yet Its consistently rated highly at least among the "experts". Partly of course down to that incredible scope- with its windage, bullet drop calculator it makes the spotter uneccesary- and goes to show the russians know a lot about "Sniperism".


How much was yours?


Say, if your serving in Afghan, it cant have been too much- at least if youre doing the "hearts and minds" bit well. If your a local though, we should PM...I have a khyber pass shopping list

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HAY GUYS! I has AK too. Can I join?

Finnaly put my RPK together. Its a genuine Russian Molot from 1973.   I bought it as a complete gun, but due to laws i had to remove and trash the receiver, BCG and barrel.   But all the rest (70%

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Had to put this up- these were presented to the best Guardsmen and this was presented by Kalashnikov himself. This is in a museum now, only one left and probably worth a fortune.attachicon.gif2015-04-05-17-39-11--1307688936.jpeg

If you have a black plastic, you can make easily with spongue method, like my one (naturally semi-transparent green instead of orange).


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1. sandblowing (you can avoid, but it makes the surface rought, and the coating more durable)


Black base-semitransparent brown (green) paint (simple shiny metall paint, if too less transparent, then mixed with transparent lacquer, consistency-like oil)

Brown base-orange paint

3. simple spongue (you can add rought surface by smarting out small pieces with nipper)

4. you put the spongue into the paint then push it on a surface (wood for example) some times, after it gets less wet (only fine prints, no smudge) push it onto the part on different locations

5. if you have enough cover you paint it with shiny polyurethane spray 2-3 times, you can sand it a minimal between the layers...



lindseen oil many times on totally smooth wood, 3 layers of semitransparent reddish lacquer (with brush), then 3 layers of shiny polyurethane spray, minimal sanding after each layer (be careful at colored layers, you can make "holes" on the color)


Transparent lacqer can be painted with the pigment used at wood staining (you dilute it with lacquer thinner instead of alcohol, and mix it into the lacquer), but sadly this method do not worked with green pigment. It's green in the can, but gets yellowish after drying. Try to mix green metall paint with less lacquer.


if you want to see the grain; stain before the oil; and add less semitransparent layers...


Polyurethane layers are the last!!! Do not overpaint the polyurethane with simple one component lacquer!!!! It removes the polyurethane like paint removal!!!

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Christ that sounds masculine....id like to join your master race, but I need to join the full bolt travel club. If I get in I have plans for a team/ paramillitary. I call dibs on the secret police and general skullduggery department, and if i create an air force id love to be an air marshal. (You get a baton and theyre higher than a 3 star general) when I get a suitable gun-im not rich,but I've been in touch with some really friendly organ harvesters; here's a free tip - if u need a gun out of your budget, these foreign fellas are paying 2000 for decent kidneys- I managed to sell em half my blood too.


The organs go to Japan BTW- I did ask if they get good prices on Master Race Club TM guns or GHK, but they acted strangely...sort of pulled a chainsaw on me and threatened to dismember me and everyone I love- funny guys eh?

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