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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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HAY GUYS! I has AK too. Can I join?

My collection: It includes one or two cousins, sorry for this.      

Posted Images

Thanks! I definitely need to get some scorch marks on it (like the KardeN images), not entirely sure whether I should go with aluminium black or just put some black spray paint on a rag, rub it a few times then blow torch it.


hitman what do you mean by May?


It's a GHK AKS74u:


RS wood upper handguard

RS Bakelite pistol grip (I bought the Zenitco one but I prefer the look and feel of the original grip!)

Zenitco B11 lower Handguard

Zenitco B-16 Rail extension

Zenitco 2P Klesh light

Zenitco RK-0 foregrip

Belomo PK01-Vi red dot (with TSL-02 laser) 

Zenimei (Taiwanese clone) PT-1 stock

Zenimei (Taiwanese clone) B-18 Iron sight rail 

Kitgun.ru DTK-4 mock silencer 

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I just did a DIY mod to my WE AK 74UN to make the bolt charging handle ambi. Turned out pretty good actually :D


I guess only problem now is that it will have a RoF of negative 20 :P


Next up is a Hephaustus RMR mount plate in the rear sight thingy.


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Omnom... Unfortunatly I can't afford multiple AEG's at the moment :(.

Btw, I asked if E&L would consider making an RPK in the future, a few months ago. 

A few days ago I suddenly got answered " yes, sure!" ^^

This happened on FaceBook.



Just sayin'

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Started life as a TM AK47. then i added a LCT lower receiver designed for the Marui AK's. The front end it a chopped up gas block to accommodate the RS yugo wood and the flash hider is a dragunov type. The longer barrel and modded gas part/sling loop I picked up from an Italian airsofter ages ago. The pistol grip is the new LCT M70 type and is actually nice and slim. The scope is one I brought back from Iraq so thought it would be fitting to have it on the Tabuk.


It's not 100% as the stock really needs another cutout and the receiver should have the reinforced bulges like a RPK but I'm happy with it.

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