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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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HAY GUYS! I has AK too. Can I join?

Finnaly put my RPK together. Its a genuine Russian Molot from 1973.   I bought it as a complete gun, but due to laws i had to remove and trash the receiver, BCG and barrel.   But all the rest (70%

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Haha the company is called RS Regulate. It's a clone by THM whoever they are. Asura make a more expensive version that looks exactly the same.


Only downside to it is that on my AK, the top receiver is warped somehow, and the rear sight sits way off centre. So cowitness is a bit of a pain because the rear is covering the front sight! Kind of makes me want to get a 104/105. Or st the very least replace the top cover

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Good reminder that I need to get one of those for my real blaster (well, a 301 anyway). Somewhat disincentivized on that front since I live in CA... sigh.

As for which optic... can't say I super love either. An XPS would be nice up there. I'll be putting a Micro on mine.

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One could say Bizon-2 model, though being airsoft certain stuff is always off (no front sling hook).  The stock catch is also a bit wonky, but at least I can maneuver the stock on and off it unlike the early runs that seemed to require superman to do so.


Earlier I held the magazine up against one of my 74 models, and I had thoughts about how a full length rifle version would look like.

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Ah yes, that particular image.  What makes it differ from what I envision is that with the Bizon, there is no lower handguard at all and the underside is altered for the magazine to fit smoothly, whilst that image shows (at least within the blurriness) a standalone magazine, if that is what it is.

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