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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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On the Bizon it goes front magazine lugs first and then push up till the feed lips lock into place.  I would hazard a guess that this "magazine" fits differently though.


I assume it has a sort of adapter piece that fits the usual catch in the receiver, and possibly some sort of retainer for the rest of it.  so you would bring the "magazine" up to the receiver, fit the piece into the catch, and then tap it firmly to lock it in.  Whatever retainer it has is not visible, but it doesn't appear to have the lugs like on the Bizon magazines.

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HAY GUYS! I has AK too. Can I join?

Finnaly put my RPK together. Its a genuine Russian Molot from 1973.   I bought it as a complete gun, but due to laws i had to remove and trash the receiver, BCG and barrel.   But all the rest (70%

My collection: It includes one or two cousins, sorry for this.      

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Some update on my custom GHK with real parts.

Just put the samoon steel barrel in a lathe to get the dimensions as the real on so i could slide on real front sight, gasblock, HG retainer and rear sight.




And installed on the GHK AK.


- Samoon custom steel barrel
Real parts:
- Romy Complete front sight
- Romy Muzle break
- Romy Cleaning rod
- Romy Gasblock
- Romy HG retainer
- Romy Complete rear sight
- Romy gastube
- Romy Upper handguard
- Romy Lower HG
- Romy donkey dong HG
- Romy Dustcover
- Romy fire selector
- Romy Buttstock
- Romy Pistolgrip
- Trigger guard

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I always thought RS dust covers are too short for GHK / LCT bodies, clearly I was wrong.


You weren't - you can see what GRIM!'s had to do to his GHK to get the dustcover to fit in this post. If I had to guess I would say that the rear trunnion has been cut back to allow the dust cover to sit further forward - the lower receiver is about 5mm longer on TM AEG-spec AKs (which the GHKs are, as are virtually all other airsoft AKs except RealSword's and possibly WE's GBBR) than on the real thing which means the dust cover doesn't sit right.

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Thanks all! :D


Yes as PureSilver said i just added a small gap in front of the standard gap, with a hack saw.


Some dont like having the old gap of 2mm in the back showing but i rather have 200mm of a real steel cover hehe ;)

You just cant beat the overall look with it. And for me the main goal is allways to have as much % of real parts as possible (that the laws allows me to).


Heres another angle that might show it better, from earlier when i switched setup to a real folding stock and US made cheesgrater upper hg/w gastube from the 90s.


The magazine is also a real one, a prototype im still working in. With much of the lips still left on, making the mag look allmost not airsoft even when modded. But more pics will come once its completed.



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"Banana mag"  :rolleyes:




Speaking of Tabuk. Heres a Zastava M70AB2 deactivated w all matching serial numbers im tunring into a GBBR with a GHK, as my next project later on.



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