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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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Just fire off the action to relieve the pressure on the hammer spring at the end there huh? ;) Oh how many times I've tried to do that with an AEG.. and then googled picard doing the facepalm, printed it out and stuck it to my own forehead.


Bolt release on an AK is just sweet, sounds bloody great on your gun Azn. Wish the cocking handle on my King Arms went back far enough to hook in to the notch on my selector.

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HAY GUYS! I has AK too. Can I join?

My collection: It includes one or two cousins, sorry for this.      

Finnaly put my RPK together. Its a genuine Russian Molot from 1973.   I bought it as a complete gun, but due to laws i had to remove and trash the receiver, BCG and barrel.   But all the rest (70%

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Just got my CYMA AKM back from the team's techie.


-SHS piston

-SP110 spring

-Guarder bearing spring guide

-SHS sector clip

-14 gauge wiring


-Disguisedenemy MOSFET

-Systema hopup bucking

-Prometheus 455mm tightbore


It's giving me 25rps on a 9.6v and 35rps on an 11.1v at a consistent 400fps.





Normal field setup:



MOUT/night game setup:


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