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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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HAY GUYS! I has AK too. Can I join?

My collection: It includes one or two cousins, sorry for this.      

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I haven't been around here in a long while, so here's something I'm working on, it's not much, but I think it's turning out kinda nice for what it is.








Started life as a CM.028/UTG warhawk that I got on ebay for $14 with a broken stock, a few years ago. I had originally just taped over the holes for the stock, tuned up the gearbox, and used it as a loaner. Recently I realized I don't really have a good AEG for CQB, the stockless AK is nice, but this was just a bit too long for CQB. So I looked through an old AK thread here to see if cutting down the barrel would look ok, found a few pics that satisfied me and so I proceeded. Of course it looked like garbage with it's silver paint, so I redid almost everything that was silver in semi-gloss black. I have a bit of refinishing to do on the receiver as my filler job on the hole for the stock isn't perfect, and the selector already gouged a big scrape in the paint. Using it as a loaner turned out to not be a great idea, I found a bunch of sand in the cylinder... had to replace some parts from the spare/leftovers drawer. Now all it's waiting for is a new hopup and barrel, as apparently it has a proprietary design for installing the barrel in the hopup, and the bucking it uses does not get a good seal with the nozzle.


Also, above it you can see the next project, a CM.050A that's going to get some wood and bakelite, a tune up and tightbore, and a replica Aimpoint T1. After that, comes a CYMA RPK. Does anyone by any chance have a CYMA RPK from which they could get me the dimensions of the battery compartment in the stock?


May as well add my AK that I've been using almost exclusively for the last year or so, my CM.035 that really needs an upgrade to new externals, though my internal mods have been great, people are always impressed by how well it shoots.


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Will you be putting those on an AEG? I bought a couple of those bakelite pistol grips early in the summer. My plan was to cut them up with a bandsaw slightly off center, so that when I'd take a half from each grip and glue them together there'd be enough room for a motor. Haven't tried it yet because I've been busy but I'd like to know what your plan is regarding them.

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Kinda made progress with my CM.050A. Externally, I fixed the stock wobble, put on a Romanian lower handguard and Polish muzzle brake (purchased from APEX). Still need to do some finish work, get a Bakelite grip (I guess an LCT one), and pick out an Aimpoint T-1 replica. Internally all I did was rewire the gearbox with 16ga wire and a Mosfet, still need to go through the gearbox, put in a tightbore, and do the hopup. Also need to put some paracord or something on the stock, it's rather uncomfortable. And I disabled the 'blowback', I guess the clanking sound was cool, but it's an airsoft gun, nothing is going to make it sound realistic, plus the whole blowback setup was actually grinding against the gearbox and slowly wearing into it, had a bunch of metal shavings in the gun.



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As much as I prefer my AK's to be basic and mostly original, I do like that gun, because the modifications are well thought out and useful, rather than a bunch of grotesque tacticool add-ons with little actual performance or aesthetic value (not that AK's are known for their aesthetic values in the first place, just most accessories make it that much bulkier and uncomfortable).

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I'm..... so jealous. So so jealous. What's your total investment in it? Base gun? Any plans to attach a MIAD somehow?


Total investment? Um.... I lost track.

Here's a parts list:


Base Gun: VFC AK104PMC

Receiver Modifications: Removed rear optics mount & filled holes. Also filled receiver indent above magwell:


Paint: Brownell's Alumahyde II Coyote

Upper RIS: VFC (Ultimake Scout Style)

Lower RIS: Ultimak

Bolt: LCT Steel Bolt w/ custom welded ACR Charging Handles

Grip: KA SAW style

Mag-catch: KA Extended type

Stock: Magpul CTR w/ Enhanced Buttpad

Flashider: Dytac Trilug (AAC18T style)

Magazine: Beta Project AK Polymer Mag w/ Magpul Ranger plate for PMAG

Others: Surefire M300A w/GS Mount & Rail Switch, Magpul AFG, XTMs

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