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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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HAY GUYS! I has AK too. Can I join?

My collection: It includes one or two cousins, sorry for this.      

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That made me moist.




Got a reversed dong for my little *bramston pickle*

Also ditched the UltiMAK, too tacticool!


So, its a Real Sword

Maadi top cover(will be replaced with a romy next week)

Romanian lower and upper handguard, the handguard retainer is also romy

EG folder

Bulgarian FSB/GB

Some russian sling

Nicely done! I was always under the impression you couldn't install real stocks on the Real Sword AK's. Did you start with the full stock RS AK or the under folder. I'd really like to know more. (feel free to PM me).


Whaaat? But I was told it was the sniper version with it being longer than usual... :unsure:

How bout this one then?


You are god like in your ability to modify guns.

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Update of an old gun.. She's GBB now. :D Needs a little more work, filing & finishing. Used SRC GBB internals, switched the gas system into my LCT AK-74, and put the electric internals into the SRC. Didnt like the SRC original paint, so reblued it (Care of a good friend who sold me the GBB second hand) everything dropped straight in without issue, and the SRC GBB system has proven to be incredibly consistent so i was quite happy witht he performance (In the Krinkov it was chronoing 325-330)







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So I ordered a Kalash RK-10S FULL STEEL AKMS from UNCO, and it arrived yesterday.

It's not steel, at least not all of it.

The reciever and stock are both steel, but the rear sight block (Don't know what this is called), front sight and gas block are all pot metal.

Also, the "wood" looks like MDF or something. My friend has one as well, and the wood looks like actual wood on his.


I would like a partial refund, but I'm not very optimistic.

What should I do?

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well from what you are saying it appears you got the standart version and not the S one. The boxes are the same for both guns so maybe they just made a mistake. I would drop them an email explaining your problem with pics of the gun (maybe with a magnet next to the sight and gs block)

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Being that the motor's caged and you don't need the grip to hold it as with a V2, I'd say it's a simple case of hollowing one out until it fits on over said cage. By the looks of it the one azn's used there is RS, so that probably helps in that it'll have more room inside it to begin with compared to the PTS one.

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