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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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HAY GUYS! I has AK too. Can I join?

Finnaly put my RPK together. Its a genuine Russian Molot from 1973.   I bought it as a complete gun, but due to laws i had to remove and trash the receiver, BCG and barrel.   But all the rest (70%

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>terrible foregrip

>Crapco flash hider

>no upper handguard

>ar15 stocks that aren't magpul

>BP02 mount


2/10 would not operate with


I think you're meant to install a foregrip on this particular weapon, and the lack of a heat shield is perhaps due to the fact hardly anyone ever holds it there, perhaps to make the barrel truly free floating and thus increase accuracy.Other than that:>hurrr my opinion is better than your opinion

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I've been waiting for mightyjebus to post a picture of everything, I can't even sit and look at the picture for too long, much too much awesomeness in it. I'd like to see a giant museum quality wall display for all those! A couple things I see in there caught my eye; what's the gun with the RPK barrel and black AK74M handguards? I can't see the rest of it. I also see a plum colored handguard, which interests me because I always liked the plum and want to do a plum AK74M with the Bulgarian synthetic furniture I have.



...and the lack of a heat shield is perhaps due to the fact hardly anyone ever holds it there, perhaps to make the barrel truly free floating and thus increase accuracy...

Umm, you can't free float an AK barrel, because the gas tube is pressing against the gas block and you have the piston going back and forth above the barrel. The lower handguard is also pressing against the barrel. If you've ever handled and fired an AK, you'd know you want that upper handguard covering that hot gas tube. Now if the gun you pictured had a nice effective muzzle brake, regular handguards, and used the new lightweight sidemount for that SPARC optic, then it would actually be a pretty nice gun, and I couldn't complain about it.

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The RPK with black hand guards was just some interim hand guards on a Rumanian RPK build. The plum hand guards are RS versions added to a Kalash. The plum hand guards were the interim hand guards fitted to the AK74 (both full stock and folding stock) before the Russians came out with the AK74M.


Ak74 hand guard timeline:

AK74 and AKS74 fitted with 4 different styles of wooden hand guard

AK74 and AKS74 fitted with Plum coloured hand guards. This was because during the Afghan war the wooden hand guards would loose their varnish and the wet and cold would get into the wood and split the laminated plywood making the weapon useless. This is also why the wooden pistol grips were phased out and replaced with Bakealite ones.

AK74 and AKS74 replaced with AK74M which had polymer Hand guard and stock.

Here's a picture of the timeline on a AKS74


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That is one lucky Taliban. I was trying to figure that one out. Piston placed backwards and blew all the gas (and piston) through the tube and into the dust cover? Maybe not possible but a theory:-) An AK piston is a tough piece of pig iron and could cause a ton of damage.



Bad, way beyond spec ammo?

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Most likely a Khyber Pass AK, built from scavenged parts and homemade parts, mixed with a bad round or some other failure, and BOOM! Looks like the front trunnion separated from the receiver actually, but the video is so short and blurry you can't see any detail, so you can't tell exactly why it came apart. The Mujaheddin had used a lot of Khyber Pass SMLE copies in the beginning of the Soviet invasion, many were built from metal of questionable quality, but they reloaded their own ammo with homemade gunpowder (often made using old film), which wasn't very powerful. They still reload their own 7.62x39 ammo with homemade powder and makeshift equipment, and I'm sure here and here a bad round that results in severe overpressure gets produced.

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I did not know they reloaded 7.62 in that manner. Interesting. Scary...but interesting:-) A hyper-loaded round could build up enough gas to blow the piston out like a missile. It would demolish the trunion and everything in its path.


Good catch, Dan.



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