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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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HAY GUYS! I has AK too. Can I join?

My collection: It includes one or two cousins, sorry for this.      

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AS VAL (top) and SR3M (bottom with silencer) from NPO AEG:





SR3M short (without silencer, my preferred version) with rails added on top and on the side (right) of the handguard + modified optic mount.





And As Val after some modifications (400m rear sight, Rails for grip and Flashlight -home-made to replicate the typical russian one-):



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Thoughts on the NPO AEGs? Are they worth the ridiculous price-tag? If I could fit some sort of GBB system into one of those...

it looks like they are a conversion kit for an AK AEG. the 1180 bucks for an SR-3M kit nets you just the externals, a few misc parts and the motor cage. i REALLY want one.

they are either CNC'd or hand milled/lathed in russia out of quality steel, so if you don't mind paying mostly for the time it took to make the parts and not having a complete gun for that price, its worth it. especially since who the hell else are you going to see with an SR-3M?


EDIT: ok, so the 1180 is for a complete gun, you can but a kit for the SR-M3 for a couple hundred less at 995.

they also make a Vikhr! i want that with a suppressor!

the cheapest option is a kit version of the VSS Vintorez for $850.

also, from what i can see, they only make the 10 round version ($40) in a standard cap of around 50 BBs and the 20 round mag style ($78) is a high cap that holds only like 200 rounds. thats a bit meh on mags.

they have a few vids on youtube, here's one:

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phphphht.... details. just because it looks poorly cast doesnt meant its brittle. Russians are anal when it comes to how tough their guns are, they could care less about what they look like. im sure its plenty solid. i havnt seen anything otherwise about it and they do have a facebook presence.

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Awesome, please let us know how it turns out and how close they stick to that 3 week period. Depending on your experiance, im going to try and order a vikhr around February. On facebook they said it will come with a suppressor once it reaches the production stage.

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