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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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HAY GUYS! I has AK too. Can I join?

Finnaly put my RPK together. Its a genuine Russian Molot from 1973.   I bought it as a complete gun, but due to laws i had to remove and trash the receiver, BCG and barrel.   But all the rest (70%

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(This was also posted by me on another forum)


My refinished AKS-74U handguard finally decided to dry properly (or my patience started kicking in). Therefore, I decided to arrange a little photoshoot outside.

Backstory for the AKS-74U:

Started out as a Dboys steel 74UN. The finish was stripped, and it was cold blued. Turns out that heavy skirmishing in rain really makes it rust, so I decided to give it an oven-cured spray-on finish. I also bought LCT wooden handguards and gas-tube. I didn't like the finish of the wood, so I mixed up some proper shellac and stained the wood with some iodine tincture. I also used a dremel to shape the handguards a little better. A few days ago my Ukrainian tourniquet and Soviet field dressing kit arrived. There also is an LCT steel folding stock somewhere in the mail (it is more realistic than the dboys version).


Then there is the VFC AK-74:

When I first got it, the stock was broken and the front sight canted (I'm getting a new outer barrel of steel for free. Any suggestions as to what I should use it for?). No problem, as I already had a real-steel wooden stock set lying around. The rear sight also looked kind of silly, so I put a real one on it. I also spray painted and baked the whole front end of the gun. For some reason, VFC had decided only to have the receiver painted, while the rest was parkerized. Very silly indeed.
After fixing the finish, I got a real-steel gas tube for it, and put a VFC dummy bolt in there as well. Realizing that it still was missing something, I bought a Dboys GP-25 for it.


And then, I suddenly got a bayonet as well


My lovelies together


After all this, my Samsung S2 was starting to get a little jealous, so I got a wooden case for it and refinished it to something more Soviety


There are way more pictures on my Flickr account. The pictures should be clickable.
All questions are welcome :)

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It's the US Palm AK Battlegrip on a Gen4 DG. You will need to slightly hollow out the grip to take the DG's grip tang. I am using a washer that has been filed down on two sides and nestled inside of the end of the grip along with a long bolt to hold it in place. I can provide more pictures in the future.



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It's actually one of those Asian/Korean/Apple/Fake Mink blankets that I got in Chinatown years ago. I've never seen another one like it so it's like a watermark, but a bit more disturbing.



It's made me feel twitchy a few times!


On a related note, has anyone heard if there's an AEG clone of the US Palm battle grip? Sure would be nice if some company did...

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Newest member of the family:



Nothing special, just a regular DBoys. Someone offered it to me for $30 because the gearbox was messed up, the muzzle brake was gone, and the charging handle was broken off. I put an AKSU brake on because I don't have a '74 brake, came up with a new bolt, and went over the gearbox and hopup fixing or replacing whatever I didn't like, then rewired it. Not sure what I want to do with it, I have some spare CYMA gearboxes and I could build one up for it, do a little repainting, and get the correct brake, I guess I do need a proper modern Russian rifle.

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GHK AKs74... 'Annushka'


Quick review... she is *fruitcage* awesome, great fun, good rate of fire. little bit of jamming at first, the usual teething problems...


and of course as with allmy guns, a little custom work :-)


Oh yeah,finally someone showing the new ghk aks74.


Any news about uk retailers willing to import some?

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Steve I like your style: :P

I'm really, really wanting to put wood furniture on this baby. (I know the grip is not typical AK stuffs, but it is soo comfy :) )




I finally got some wood RS SVD grips and a wood stock so hopefully I will have an updated picture soon :)

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