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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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HAY GUYS! I has AK too. Can I join?

My collection: It includes one or two cousins, sorry for this.      

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Nice guns umisodachi.  Be interested to get some details on parts used in the two modern examples there please.  I'm hoping to build something similar in the not-too-distant future.



It is the AK in the middle, but it is a thing that you have modified the AK-74 of KSC. 
Upon remodeling, we are slotted by cutting the selector lever. 
Hand guard is fitted with a hand guard of X47 type of electric air gun for. In addition, there was a need to sharpen both the gas tube and hand guard is what I've used. 
Grip is fitted with a "Magpul MOE AK Grip". There is a need to sharpen the grip within the installation. 
However, when attached to the AK KSC of the MOE grip, you can is a gap in the rear because there is a step on the base body. 
I have exchange of electric air gun for the "AR Stock adapter" stock. It has a tube fitted with a stock of electric air gun for, I replaced the stock to "VLTOR IMOD Stock Standard type". 
It is attached by processing the Tokyo Marui AK-102 Front Sight Front site.It is the flash hider of this one, but the mounting MagpulPTS AAC flash hider.
I am adding to the screwing charging handle on the left side of the other.




It is the right of AK followed, but it is one that was modified a little WE AKM PMC. 
Replace to "VLTOR IMOD Stock Standard type" the stock is this one, 
I have replaced the "UltiMAK type rail hand guard" the hand guard. 
Replace the 3PLUNG Haider, just installed a T-1 dot site and flash light after. 
I'd appreciate it if accustomed to reference these parts.
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Project gun I'm ressurecting. It was a full length AKM clone, but I needed a shorter (and FAR lighter) backup to it's bigger brother (which has for some reason gained a 40mm launcher ;) ). This has since aquired a rail top foregrip. I know the stock lock is broken, I've bodged it temporarily until I can get areplacement.

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hi mate the stock was a bit loose on mine but I fitted a washer on the right hand side where the stock meets the body and the blood stopper on the rear of the stock and field dressing tapped on front of stock seem to have stopped it mate

Thanks for that information, will try that on mine. 

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