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I was shown some pre-production samples of this by Propper reps 4-5 months ago; at that point the pattern was a lot brighter. When we got the first shipment of retail ATACs a few weeks ago it seems to have morphed in to a much more bland color palette. I'm in the same boat in that I'm not nearly as impressed by it as I was expecting to be.


I'm sure you'll see it pop up all over the place in the same way Multicam did a few years ago.

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I hate posed photos, hence the derp face. I'll try and get some decent action shots on sunday.


So far, i'm pretty impressed - Little bit too 'deserty' for proper green areas, but if you stick to dry dusty parts and mud/forests, it's quite impressive. Quality of the Propper gear is amazing as well, toughest BDU's i've yet owned.







Gear is all sprayed with random tan/grey/black to try and break up the solid OD it was before, although i need to get a few lighter colours on it.

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That's A-TACS.


Edit: Ahem, thought I was in a different thread. It was primarily developed for US law enforcement, but as far as I know nobody is really using it officially. I've seen a few pictures of SF forces in the middle east wearing it, but I don't think its getting issued.

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New stuff, apologies for the ###### indoor pics,


propper combat shirt, really impressed, very comfy,




Uploaded with ImageShack.us

TAG split front chest rig,as always, top quality from TAG,




Uploaded with ImageShack.us


better outdoor pics at the weekend, and i really should get some of me wearing this lot!!! :)

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So i got in from work early and attempted to get a few pics,first couple just to show fitment of shirts, im a medium regular guy, and they fit me fine.


Propper BDU shirt,Medium regular




Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Propper Combat shirt, Medium Regular,




Uploaded with ImageShack.us


And pretty much fully loaded, not everything is in its pouches, just enough to give you an idea,




Uploaded with ImageShack.us




Uploaded with ImageShack.us


all i could squeeze in before dark, maybe more at the weekend if anyones interested.

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I had great success with the pattern while stalking in dry woodland. The uniforms aren't something that I would wear to a "team" OP, but I think it's going to make a good base camo for my concealment garment:




The A-TACS mosquito mesh also makes an excellent sniper's veil.

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