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ATACS Picture thread

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4th picture there in the prone, awesome camouflage going on, as with the last group photo there.


Considering how the AU stuff hasn't been of much use for the majority of people considering the types of skirmish sites that're out there, the FG is doing a really great job.


If you look closely at the 4th picture you will notice that there is AU and FG in it, it is suprising how well both types work equally well in a number of different enviroments that you would think they wouldn't


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I have a request. Can somebody please post a photo of them wearing ATACS (either pattern) with a Multicam plate carrier of some kind?


I want to have an ATACS setup but I really do not want to replace a $250 armor carrier.


Unfortunately I don't have the photographic evidence, but I've seen it in person and it does make a surprisingly good combination, for what it's worth.

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I only ask because my Condor version like that fell apart on me 3 times. After the third, I butchered it to use the A-TACS fabric for my headset cover haha...


Are those UR-Tactical pants? Can you give me some thoughts on them? I'm about to dive in on a MC kit and am either doing UR or Crye pants.

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They are UR-Tactical pants, and I love them. Got a few in different patterns. Really go wrong with their kit, especially their newer models. Their early stuff was good but over engineered, zips and straps where they weren't really needed and the waistline was cut so low they were almost hipsters. Their current stuff though is brilliant, much more refined.

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