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CZ Picture Thread

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KWA CZ75 with wood grip.


I'm having trouble with it. it keep fires in full auto.. :(


Bullet is dummy.

It's the trigger bar not being pressed down enough.


It's due to wear on the BBU or the trigger bar itself.


IF you cycle the slide pressing down on it, the full auto doesn't happen (dry firing it, obviously). Happened to me as well.

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KSC CZ75 Prime w Altamont Rosewood Textured grips.


I thought I'd give these wooden grips a chance, I don't normally stray too far from factory-appearance,

me being the boring sort ;)

But they sure as hell are comfortable, especially with the thumb-rests, they give it a target pistol-feel.





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I'm sorry for Squad, but the brass CZ kicks the Blue kit's *albatross*, which is still very nice but.. the brass one is unquestionably on another planet. (it's twice expensive too)

Hey DE,


No need to feel sorry for me ;)

I'm more than happy with what I've got, and I'm sure Clockwork is estatic with what he's got !


But again it's down to personal preference, that's why they released two kits, some people like boring black guns, and others like Brass guns and Gold AKs, personally they do nothing for me, if I wanted a Brass CZ I would have bought one.

Just like some people wouldn't be too crazy over a Gold Springfield V12 even if came with a free Nicholas Cage :)


But at no stage did anyone's kits get their * Wandering Albatross * kicked :)


Again, thanks for your concerns !

Edited by Squad 701
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Ok, that's it. Now I need to get one. You guys!


Wingmann, which model make was your starter pistol? What Kit did you use?


Really nice job. It's really the look I was hoping some enterprising airsoft maker was going to make as a Browning Hi-Power.

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I redone my original slightly.

Fully blasted with 120 aluminium oxide, sides of the frame and slide polished, then clear coated with Duracoat.


As before, the grips are RS, as is the adjustable semi flat trigger...












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