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Detonator CZ P-09 kit for KJW.   The much underrated KJW CZ P-09 now has a nice CNC Aluminium kit from Detonator that includes slide, barrel, fake firing-pin and functioning dummy extractor. A seri

Ares VZ58... a "training AEG" I've built for real steel courses I take around Europe (Slovakia and Czech Republic) so that I have an Airsoft replica to play around here that's exactly the same as what

KSC version with Spear Arms silencer and pistol grip

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Just after I posted the reply above I got a chance to handle one of those Shadow 2's
First thing I did was remove mag and squeeze the trigger, much much better than I anticipated.

just my 2 cents, finish of frame feels same as the OG shadow so expect it worn easily if you're taking it to the field

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WIP of my Evo Scorpion. Build is heavily inspired by Stickgunner's build (can be seen on IG).

Midwest Industries 6.75" MLOK Rail

HB Industries Zhukov-S Stock Adapter

HB Industries ProStock Charging Handle

Magpul AK Zhukov-S Stock
Magpul Extended Magazine Release

BCM MLOK Grip Mod3 



Osprey is not permanent, I'm awaiting a faux integral suppressor to fit over the barrel/under the rail. Rail and mag release paddle were drop-in fit, adapter had to be modified to fit the wider airsoft receiver, and charging handle needs a bit more modification since it shakes a lot within the rail and sometimes doesn't engage the fake bolt.

Only other mod would probably be a different MRO mount, and trying to get RS selectors to work (stock ones dig into my hand way too much).

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1 hour ago, Ivan le Fou said:

Is that, like, a real thing? Or is it one of your creation?

 Ha thanks, it's a purely lol build based on a game I've been playing, Escape from Tarkov. 


*random Google image

Since there's no PP-91 KEDR in airsoft, I thought the closest thing was the CZ Scorpion which I already owned, so I designed the mount to go on the Scorpion based on images from the game, and just 3D printed it to replicate it.  

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