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Before I go on with the review, I would like everyone to know this isnt on the market quiet yet. Evike got one in for review and what not, they ran a raffle and I ended up winning it. SO this review may be helpful to those who was interested in it.




After opening the box, which was beat to hell...even though the sticker on the box said fragile, be careful, I seen this huge gun bag. I figured, they wouldve put it in styrofoam and then just wrapped it with bubble wrap, but it was a really nice gun bag. I was so thrilled to see it I just unzipped it and I could hear the angels singing. When I picked it up, it felt on the heavy side but not to the point of it being heavy to where its not usable. Anyways after looking at the SVD and feeling it I have found some pro's and cons about the externals. Keep in mind I believe this is still a proto type so maybe my review will help A&K Improve the design abit.



Everything thats metal on a real SVD is metal ( not a pot metal as it has some heft to it. Doesnt feel as cheap as my WE M1911 but its not steel either.


Mine came with the PSO1 Scope which is REALLY nice. ( the one they sent me was the illuminated one, which retails for $140)




The wood feels pretty cheap. Im going to see if I can find some RS wood handguards.


Wood does have some chips taken out of it ( this looks like it came exactly like that from the manufacture)


Hand guards do not match up. When on the gun, you can see afew gaps and the notches in the wood to match up with the pieces that hold them together dont match up.


The little piece that you take out to remove the upper receiver doesnt stay locked on the receiver. IT will spin around and not stay on the little notch its suppose to.



I did however took the top receiver off to take a look at the gearbox and the hop-up used for this AEG is really nice. It clicks every time you turn it and it gives you that feeling like its going to stay there until you move it.


Ok Phase 2 is complete!


After taking her apart, Ive also found some more things Im not to thrilled about. I took the gearbox out and well it turns out it has a clear plastic air nozzle. While I didnt take it apart, Ive never messed with a V3 GB and would rather wait until I get a junker to work on before this girl, I also didnt like the motor. There is nothing saying who made it or what kind of spring is its limit. BUT as it stands right now, Id give the gun a 8/10. The metal does feel abit cheap but not like normal pot metal. BUT also remember this is gonna probably be a $200+ AEG. You cant expect too much. Also like to add that there is no slop in the gears. I tried to see if I could push the gears around in the busshings and there is no horizontal play.


Here are the pictures I took. She did disassemble exactly like the RS SVD. To be honest, if you cant afford a RS, this would be your next best option really ( Once it comes out)













Now remember if you buy one, when it comes out, it will not come with the scope. This scope is the Illuminated version and to be honest, I really love it. I also found that the stock creeks abit but thats due to the motor cap being plastic. the wood is actual wood but feels cheap....its the same wood on RS from what Ive heard. Got to love Plywood! Anyways Phase 3 will be my field test. After my field test Ill tell you more about the gun, whether or not I would recommend it and how well it performs.



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Everyone else thought it was April Fool's joke.


I was just shocked...




The joke was that they posed a RS SVD as the cheaper A&K SVD, saying how great quality it was when in fact it was a RS. This is the real A&K SVD, and clearly it isn't nearly as good quality as the RS SVD, but thats a given.


Gah I hate explaining jokes.

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The joke was that they posed a RS SVD as the cheaper A&K SVD, saying how great quality it was when in fact it was a RS. This is the real A&K SVD, and clearly it isn't nearly as good quality as the RS SVD, but thats a given.


Gah I hate explaining jokes.



Comparing the two is like compaing apples to oranges. Clone will never be the same as the models.....BUT HOWEVER, this isnt as bad as most people thought it would be. Sure less went into this compared to the RS version but hey....when you cut corners, your bound to cut guality. On that not, its really not bad at all. I would still choose RS over this but I got it for free so Im not complaining.

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Airbrush it with some gloss black paint and you will have the exact finish as a NDM-86. Also, nicks, chips, and heavy dripping messy coats of shellac just make it more authentic. Should make for a fantastic weapon, despite trying to get out of airsoft, I might end up with one of these in the near future.

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ok well Im gonna be honest, the Internals are ######. The only things worth while keeping are the Gears. I opened the gearbox and the Tappet plate was broken. So this gives me a great time to put in a RS Tappet plate, RS Air Nozzle, G&P Polyacetal High Pressure Piston, 7mm Ball Bearing Bushings, Silent Shock Absorbing Piston Head, and a better Shim Job. While the AEG performed very nice, I would say for a final part....this isnt really worth the money. By the time you buy all these parts, and upgrade, you would probably have about $400 all together without the scope. Its best to save up the extra $100 and buy Real Swords AEG. Im not complaining as I didnt spend anything for this BUT for those who are thinking about it....please, to save a headache, get the RS AEG.

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