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70D Sorbothane and protective mat


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I have several 4x4" sheets of 3/16" thick 70D Sorbothane for sale, to be used as a cylinder head buffer for shock absorption and AOE correction. I also have 4x4" sheets of 1/16" thick 95A Urethane to be used as a protective mat to prevent the piston head from cutting into the Sorbothane. When used together, the two sheets are the correct thickness to provide perfect AOE in most TM spec AEGs. This is the perfect material for the job as it's highly shock absorbent but does not deform too much, so it's suitable for high speed as well as high power builds. The price is £15 (£15.65 if using Paypal) for one 4x4" sheet. This is enough for at least 20 cylinder heads. Shipping is £3 within the UK, £5 to Europe per order.


Both materials can be cut with a craft knife, scissors or hollow punches. Then lightly sand with a medium grain sandpaper, wash in soapy water, rinse, dry, then stick together using Superglue Ultra Gel or equivalent.





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