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Brand new Deepfire Titanium Gearset Faulty

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I recently purchased a set of Deep Fire Titanium Gears. After carfully shimming and installling the gears i proceeded to test fire it. It fired about 400 BBs then started to sound odd.


I opened up the gearbox again and as i took out the sector gear it came apart in 3 peices! From this failure it also caused the top of the spur gear damaged.


The AEG has a 1 joule spring and a 8.4v battery in it so i wasnt exactly pushing it hard.


I have had years expierence with upgrading AEG gearboxes and have never seen this happen.


These gears were faulty out of the box.


I could understand failure after 20000 rounds of abuse but not straight out of the box especially a $80 set.


Can i get a replacement set please?






Order #100152053



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