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Guns with Wood Furniture

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My custom L1A1 and L1A1 Carbine (CA SA58 based).


The second one didn't turn out quite as well as I was hoping but that was due to the top rail of the SA58 being non removeable. As in, I thought once you removed the RIS rail there would be a regular receiver underneath but that turned out not to be the case. I had to stretch and drill holes in an AK top cover and fit it over. I decided to skip out on the pistol grips on both for now. The carbine one is a little bit "too much" however so I may just make a custom wood grip myself. We'll see as time goes on.

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The handguards were full size Australian L1A1 handguards. They were chopped down to the proper size and refitted just as they had been in Vietnam.


*Apologies for an unrelated question but is there anyway I can change my display name to be the same as my name on local forums? I made this account along time ago back in my runescape days :P*

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Really amazing pieces of furniture here! I always love to see real wood, and if its self-made its even better to me =) Something very special then, unique...


Gonna join the wooden club with my 3 woodsters:


M21 with selfmade stock, made from scratch:












I think I will mount my harris bipod in the next weeks =)


Together with a G&G M14 S.O.C. with stock wooden stock^^






And my newest project, a DBoys K98k, stock has been sanded down and redone like my scratch-built-M21-stock. Scope is planned, I'm looking for an old one.







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TM M14 with A.R.M.S. #18 mount


Custom scratch built stock (man that's hard.. i ruined two builds before i finally got it right)

Custom machined lens hood for the scope.



I tried to contact Springfield and wanted to buy their surplus GI stocks... but i was working in China back then and they said 'because the country is on the list of arms ban, they're unable to make the sale'

They fear i'm going to invade them with a wood stock or what?


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Nothing too special - My G3 with a wood kit. It took a bit of fitting, mainly because I wanted to fit the wood to the rifle and not the other way around, which is apparently how most of the other airsofters with these kits do things.





The flash makes the discrepancy in colour between the black on the upper and lower a lot worse than it is - the CA lower doesn't have engraved markings for the selector, so I couldn't paint the lower black.


The wood kit does mean I can no longer fit my monster batteries inside it, but a buffer tube lipo still fits and turns it over just fine. I'm waiting on a scope for it at the moment, I intend to make it my DMR.

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I have a load of real steel aluminium waffle mags which I'm going to be converting to fit Airsoft midcaps. Unfortunately, the only G3 midcaps which have internals I can transplant are the Classic Army ones - which are impossible to find outside of Hong Kong. When I go back I'll sort them out, but until then I'm using my plastic Pro Arms and King Arms midcaps.

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