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Guns with Wood Furniture

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But that one was old. All I did was touch it up a bit. This one however is new.


I've improved the ergonomics a bit by adding a slight palm swell and a hint of a thumb rest. But more importantly at least I could now skirmish with the damn thing. Color doesn't look too well on fluorescent, will decide in the morning if I'll refinish it.

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The G&P ACOG arrived today after spending a week at the New York Customs depot (really strange as I'm on the other coast and normally Alaska or California is where the package is routed). I'm extremely pleased with the end result. There's some wobble between the upper and lower receivers, but that's normal as the screw that holds on the plastic stock normally tightens this up. It doesn't affect accuracy though and I don't really notice it.


I purchased a SAAV, which I modified by cutting out the dividers so I can use it with the 7.62mm magazines and it holds them really well.


Cheers and enjoy,


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Refinished the stock on my SKS. Was nice and worn but the bb hits just look off-putting. Sanded down, filled in dents and reapplied shellac plus I've gone and weathered the bolt and bayonet a bit.



That is one particularly sexy gun, never seen one of these in airsoft before. Is it one of your own project pieces?



Gotta say guns do look so much sexier with wood furniture

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