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CYMA MP5K Full Metal - Short Review

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First review for me so here goes.


From previous experience with chinese guns, I have in fact been quite satisfied. Previous to this gun, I have a Galaxy MP5 PDW. It still works fine but I wanted one with a metal body as I want a top mount of a forward ris mount that wont wobble or break off the plastic body of the galaxy. It still runs around 300fps with .2's and is around 5 years old with no upgrades. I still use it occasionally... well less so now I've got this CYMA beauty.


Bought this gun only a week ago but already skirmished with it twice putting around 3000 rounds through it.



Out of the box

Usual bag of BB's

Cleaning Rod

Small Low Cap Mag

8.4 Stick Battery

2 Pin (Non UK) charger



Full Metal with exception of the forward grip which is plastic.

No markings

After a couple of games the paint on the gun shows wear and is scratched easily.



FPS ~345 with .2's out of box

8.4v runs with no hickups. Feeds fine with my High cap mags at around 13 rounds per second

Selector swich is light and and quite easy to move, I wouuld consider this a con as I have often already noticed it has clicked to another mode without realising. This could be just me though.

Being full metal its quite abit heavier than the plastic MP5's Ive held and use (i.e. the Galaxy and others) but I prefer it.






Low price.

Small gun perfect for CQB. Can be used easily with one hand.

Full metal w/ exception of front grip.

Solid Construction

Good FPS requires no tweaking

Stick battery easily removed by taking off front grip, and back plate, unclipping the connector and using the bolt slide to remove battery. Same as other MP5 models.

Easy to get the connector to attach to a battery sling if required.

Very good hop up. As it stands I use it with very minimal hop up.

Decent RPS (~13)



Like all MP5k's its a short barrel so over long distances its not great on accuracy. Compensated somewhat by high FPS.

A little hot at 340ish fps. May need a weaker spring.

On a 9.6v battery (on sling), I have had some inconsistancy with feeding.

Selector swtich is light.

Unsure as to quality of steel. For the price, I suspect it is not great. Time will tell.

Finish on exterior is thin and poor: prone to scratching reducing its resale (though its not exactly expensive to begin with)




I give this gun a big thumbs up. A great gun on a budget. If the galaxy is anything to go by, it will last the test of time. Full metal body allows for additional components to be attached securely without wobble, unlike plastic bodied versions. I shall be attaching a top rail as well as replacing the front grip with the metal 3-rail mount.

I am more than happy with the FPS as it perfect for the sites I play at. Most sites I've been to are okay with up to 350 FPS so I think I should be okay for the most part.


Enjoyed running around last night indoors with this gun and my galaxy akimbo. It is still quite light because it is such a small AEG. With a top rail and a dot sight, I look forward to be able to put down some accurate fire down darkened corridors!



You will see that I have not commented on the internals of this gun as I am no mechanic and don't fancy having a look at the internals. Should I have any issues with the gearbox, I will note them as and when they occur to keep this review up-to-date.


Pictures to follow.

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Thanks for the review. I couldn't find much information online before buying mine; seems like they are just now coming back in stock after selling out a small first run.


Evike sells these with no battery and charger, so I promptly changed it to Dean's. After trying various batteries it became clear that it would need an 11.1v lipo for the desired trigger response (this little gun has quite a heavy spring, mine shot 350 out of the box). The battery compartment is very narrow and I discovered that most AK sticks will not fit, eventually I found this absolutely tiny Firefox battery that slides in easily. I also picked up a CCW threaded flash hider (US models have an orange plastic FH gently glued in place), NCStar RDS (, and a couple of Cyma double hicaps (I've read that Marui mags don't fit Cyma MP5s and vice versa). My front sight post and rear barrel have been removed--they cowitness with the RDS perfectly, but without a stock to bring your eye close to the ghost ring it can be difficult to find the dot quickly. Now I can hold it like a giant pistol if I want.


The hopup adjuster is odd, but it works well and seems to hold its setting. I suspect that someday I'll apply some silicone glue to prevent drift. After installing a hot battery and adjusting the motor screw, it fires with a lovely loud "pop" and there's no trace of motor noise or gear whine. Range is far better than I expected, and I'm pleased with the quality of the plastics and metals.




I haven't managed to scratch it yet so I can't complain about the finish, but if I was forced to find fault I would say that the ambi selector is uncomfortable when switched to auto, the Cyma double mag is tricky to seat properly, and the trigger break and reset is vague.


The bolt release is well made and fun to slap, for people who enjoy such things.


Overall it's a very fun little gun. It's obviously great for room clearing, and I wouldn't feel handicapped using it outdoors as a primary. Like the newer Cyma AKs, it's well made and a good value.

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What high cap mags do you use with it Kojak? Also, do you onto have feeding problems running such high voltage battery (or does that Lipo run as an 8.4v (I don't know much about em)).

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The stock Motor is a Monster powerful Neo-powered high-torque, which is why the RoF is a bit low. They are, by the way, completely TM compatible in terms of magazines - I used mine with CYMA, WELL, CA, TM and MAG Mp5 mags and never had an issue.


Internally, it comes with 6mm metal bushings, a ported piston head which seals magnificently, a very deeply crowned 6.04mm barrel, steel gears with a large tappet actuator on the sector gear to stop misfeeds, a metal spring guide and a very powerful spring, somewhere in the M110-120 range, because my one was chronoing 370fps!


One thing I did like a lot was that CYMA simplified the take-down. In the TM, and the CA metal kit, the lower has to be removed and then the wiring disconnected as it goes to the back of the gearbox and then is routed to the front via side channels in the upper.


In the CYMA, you remove the handgrip, undo the one philips screw inside at the rear which holds the barrel block in position, then remove the three body pins and slide the entire lower receiver, gearbox and hop-up unit out in one movement, with the wiring running past the hop-up unit, cutting the resistance down and making it a breeze to install a MOSFET and rewire her. Brilliant!


The selector being uncomfortable is unfortunately a hold-over from the real steel, but CA MP5k SEF lowers will fit (and look awesome).

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Thanks for the info Darklite.

What high cap mags do you use with it Kojak? Also, do you onto have feeding problems running such high voltage battery (or does that Lipo run as an 8.4v (I don't know much about em)).


The mags are Cyma brand, and it feeds just fine with an 11.1V lipo; the ROF is good but not extreme. To me it felt like it really needed that extra voltage to come alive with the stiff spring and torquey motor.

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Not sure if I got a good one or not , mine was doing 375fps out of the box...


Which was a bummer as I bought it for indoor CQB use, dropped a smaller spring in (and deans) and fed it from 65 round short midcaps, now running lovely.


Good rate of fire from the stock 9.6v battery at 310 fps.



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