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BB Bags - various colours and sizes

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Righty ho, I have been making BB Bags for my team and friends for years now, and thought nothing of it.


But it seems a new generation of Airsofters has arrived that have never seen these! , I was approached by a wide eyed newb at my last game


who asked where he could get these wonderous bags, when I said I made them his eyes lit up and he asked how much I sold them for...


This thread is the result.





BB bags , various sizes, all these in the photo are for sale, £5 each inc postage and paypal


the green ones (5x5 inches appx) hold about 2500 bbs , the larger DPM versions (6x5 inches appx ) are about 3000 rounds, both types have attached caps.


Virtually silent to carry and use, Triple stitched seams and glued bottle neck (bottle cap colours may vary)





Custom Versions

I can make you any size you want (within reason - I made a camelbak sized version for our support gunner once, weighed 5kg when full !!!)


I have DPM, olive green , and a couple of fashion camo materials at the moment, (pics to follow)


I can do smaller sizes as well , I have a 2x3 inch bag that I use for pistol ammo,


I have also made a bag that has an intergrated "pistol mag" sized speed loader and velcro opening as a prototype. (pics later)


"D" ring on the bottom so you can hang it off your webbing? velcro for nametape? shockcord loop to roll it up? not a problem, just PM me what you need and I'm sure we can sort out a price.


If you really really need a fluffy pink bb bag (thinking of you - National Airsoft Girls!) or bright yellow (people who tend to lose kit on the field...) that can be arranged.


Neck Coolers




I have also made some custom neck coolers for our team , similar to the issue ones seen in theatre but slightly longer and in DPM / Green/ fashion Camos.


My kids love these, I had to make them one each for our last holiday, keep you cool for hours though evaporation.


They contain a small amount of special crystals that absorb up to 400x their weight in water swelling up to a soft non-toxic gel. (about 3/4 inch thick when hydrated)


The round things in the photo are helmet coolers, same idea but round with some hook velcro sewn in the middle , work well in helmets or bush hats (act like padding too!)


stick or sew some loop velcro into said headgear to hold them in place, note , they are about 1/2-3/4 inch thick when soaked so allow extra room in that lid.


Both will be made to order, £6 each inc paypal and postage they will be shipped dry, please state size and color required.


They are very light- but absorb a heck of a lot of water and take about a week to fully dry out. for added cooling effect they can be stored in the fridge once hydrated,


or even gently warmed in a microwave (once hydrated) to use as a heat pack!



Any questions about these, drop me a PM please.


(Swaps? ACM MEU mags or a Plastic TM 1911 slide)




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Good call lightbulb, but I think paint would probably flake off quite quickly stuffed into a pouch, I will sand off any logos present on the next batch.


Most of the lids are plain , and I will try to drink more pop with black lids to keep it "tactical"!


I have some "tiger stripe" synthetic material to try next, although I might need to double layer it for strength compared to the cotton.


On Topic


One green BB Bag sold! (gold lid= Ginger Beer) and will be posted in the morning.




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