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Cloth BB bags

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Righty ho, I have been making BB Bags for my team and friends for years now, and thought nothing of it.


But it seems a new generation of Airsofters has arrived that have never seen these! , I was approached by a wide eyed newb at my last game


who asked where he could get these wonderous bags, when I said I made them his eyes lit up and he asked how much I sold them for...


This thread is the result.


Resized to 79% (was 1024 x 768) - Click image to enlargeDSCF8260.jpg



BB bags , various sizes, all these in the photo are for sale, £5 each inc postage and paypal


the green ones (5x5 inches appx) hold about 2500 bbs , the larger DPM versions (6x5 inches appx ) are about 3000 rounds, both types have attached caps.


Virtually silent to carry and use, Triple stitched seams and glued bottle neck (bottle cap colours may vary)


Blue thing in the photo is a 30cm ruler just for scale.





Custom Versions

I can make you any size you want (within reason - I made a camelbak sized version for our support gunner once, weighed 5kg when full !!!)


I have DPM, olive green , and a couple of fashion camo materials at the moment, (pics to follow)


I can do smaller sizes as well , I have a 2x3 inch bag that I use for pistol ammo,


I have also made a bag that has an intergrated "pistol mag" sized speed loader and velcro opening as a prototype. (pics later)


"D" ring on the bottom so you can hang it off your webbing? velcro for nametape? shockcord loop to roll it up? not a problem, just PM me what you need and I'm sure we can sort out a price.


If you really really need a fluffy pink bb bag (thinking of you - National Airsoft Girls!) or bright yellow (people who tend to lose kit on the field...) that can be arranged.


Thanks for looking ,



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Hi mate , photo of my prototype speedloader





very rough version , and probably way too big,


but it is just a pistol mag sized speedloader with most of the short rear face dremeled away, sewn and glued into a bb bag, loaded through a very large velcro secured opening at the end of the bag.


It's long enough to carry 2k bbs (ish) with the speedloader empty and rolled down on top to prevent rattles.

So when I need to reload I hold the bag up , the speed loader fills, I fill the mag, then tip it the other way ,the bbs roll out of the speed loader into the other end of the bag and roll it up again.


It doesnt rattle when carried and I dont have to mess about filling loaders from bags or loading by hand, takes up little space in a pocket and keeps me in the game!








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