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Wow I really liked that review! Very organized, and well spoken.


My only suggestion is anothre video with more downrange action! 34M is great with an AEP. What bb weight is the max the hopup can handle(what weight can it overhop)?


Have you skirmished it yet? Do people have any issues feeling the hit?


My only other question is what firing modes does it have? Maybe it was in the video and I missed it, but i presume since it is an AEP it can shoot full auto?









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Hi scar527!


That 34m range was tested using 0.25g BB's, the standard weight used by our club ;)


I have skirmished it on the first day I took it out on the field. I ditched my JG G36 and 8kg chest rig in favour of the pistol, 3 extra mags, and a speed-loader. The USP was hellishly accurate but vastly underpowered. Even with that 34m range the punch it delivers on target is very soft. I was shooting a guy from about 15m away with the pistol and he was not calling his hits (could have been the player) until I finally told him in a loud voice "CALL YOUR HITS!"


I tested it on a willing participant at 10m and shot him square in the back. He said he could feel it (through a BDU shirt) but the sound was definitely audible (BB on canvas 'thwack')


Using the pistol exclusively changed my style of play and gave me the advantage of speed and stealth as I was not lugging around an extra 12kg of gun and gear. The pistol had enough range to match what my G36 was doing!


It contains single shot and fully-automatic - I could not report on the ROF of fully-auto due to the laws in my country.


Thanks for your input!


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Great review, camera was a little shakey but it was pretty clear. Have you tried putting and extended barrel on this? I have been thinking about getting an AEP with suppressor and extend barrel, but not sure if it would really help


Thanks, man.


Nah, I struggle to see the point in changing anything about this pistol. It's perfect for the job it was designed for :)

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WOW! So i got mine it is great! I moded it to take a lipo. Really liking this for my sidearm, I actually use it. I tried a stock MP7 barrel and it didn't do anything, might have helped the fps but I don't have a chrono. Accuracy wise it made no difference. TB barrels for them are just too much to test it out. I am going to maybe take a longer AEG TB barrel and mod it to work in the AEP. Overall a great gun. Thinking about the Mac 10 now....

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I had one of these for about a year and a half and it was excellent. They are a great indoor CQB pistol, especially at night time with a tracer unit on it.

I found the biggest issue was the battery, but I dissevered a local shop that does a Lipo conversion for it, and it absolutely transformed this gun.

You can find details, including a review of the mod, effects on fps, etc, on my blog if you are interested...



Nice video Guage. What happened to the aspect ratio in the video though? Makes the gun look weird :)

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