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AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

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Plus, it's kind of a bit special.  You don't tend to see many people rocking them so it stands out more in the fields of Scouts, WMLs e.t.c.

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WE M4 (RA-Tech) AAC300 

(Magazine is non functioning but looks better on picture :D )







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Though I have posted this before, I just got this back from being cerakoted. Well, the lower was cerakoted anyway. I didn't want to paint an original LE SP1 upper.


So here's my custom GBB Colt SMG again, now with nice paint! I think the lower matches as well as it's every likely to using paint.




I recently machined new internals for some of the conversion parts out of steel so now it's functioning much better then it had been. The aluminum parts were wearing very quickly. and now I'm debating whether I want to refinish the selector and pins, or if I like them worn looking.

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Mommy ... can i go out and kill tonight? ...


Vipertech M4a1
+ Colt 1/N Stock
+ John Masen Butt Pad
+ Colt M16a1 Grip
+ Kac 300m BUIS
+ Eotech 551
+ Boonie Packer Gen.1 Redi-mag
+ KAC MRE Rail
+ Surefire 6P
+ G&P An/Peq2a ( Laser/light version )
+ G-Grip ( Lone Star Ordnance grip )
+ V-Tac wide padded Sling

.... Still needs an Eotech riser ... except G&P peq´n base gun RS parts ...

Cheers :)

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Hi to all, I'm not sure if this is the right place but i try to build new front on my G&G and i have a problem....any ideas about the gap?


This isn't the thread you're looking for, post your problems here



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So, heres the final destination of my WE to KWC mag conversion. It took a long time but I finally built a gas blowback Colt 633 "DOE carbine" aka Briefcase model. Due to a slight mishap with underestimating the thickness of the paint, the current barrel is unpainted, but will be once it stops snowing. the paint had to be removed to fit it and now i have to turn it down just slightly so it works with the paint. 


Unfortunately the paint also takes a week to cure and i am the least patient man in the world. So unpainted steel barrel it is!




Im really glad to have gotten this build done (Aside from the unpainted barrel) . it was a whole mess of measuring and machining, trial and error, and all sorts of swearing and the like. But i think after this I have a way better understanding of the guts of a gas blowback system.


Just like the previous 635 iteration of this build, the 633 build uses a kwc mini uzi mag. im considering cutting up one of the mags i destroyed in testing and brazing it to the bottom of another to get the "correct" 30 round mag length.


Edit: I also forgot to change out the flat A1 delta ring for a tapered A2 delta ring. one is in the mail.

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