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AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

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Kojak, what brand is that Elcan and how is the eye relief? When you switch between 1x to 4x does it retain zero?


It's AG-K, eye relief is around 3", and there is a slight vertical POI shift. I'm fairly happy with it, but if you're going to mount a Docter (and don't mind the high cheek weld) you might as well get the AG-K 4x only model. Also, the illuminated reticle isn't great. At a recent night game, I eventually turned it off since even at the lowest setting it was washing out the FOV of the scope too much.


My new LA-5/PEQ was awesome though:



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It's fake, and the only one available is a cheap battery box of far lower quality than my old Pro-T PEQ-15. I bodged in a green laser module from DX and an Insight pressure switch.


I'd be pretty surprised to see a civvy with a real one.

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