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AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

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SLR 8" SBR build done. Just waiting for a few accessories (sling end plate, AAC Blast Shield, Cloud Defensive LCS, and an actual working ScoutLight head) and repairing my BTC Spectre, but otherwise al

One of my latest build, a real Colt M16A1 converted for GBBR on the WA system. Stripped upper, barrel and BCG was changed to Viper Tech du to my local laws. Also a video of how it was made:

This took too long... a GHK based Haley Strategic x BCM Jack Carbine   RA-Tech forged receiver (Raw finish, custom BCM marking) RA-Tech CNC steel bolt Dytac Geissele SMR MK1 BCM Marking Troy styl

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piston? like "old" guns piston? will the AR15 be reliable in combat at last?


I'm gonna take a guess you've never shot a real AR, if you have my aplologies. One issue with AR's rep which isn't fair, is that ritual cleaning Is bad. Some buildup on parts is good. I can fish up the PDF on this when I go home.


Keeping it on airsoft anyone know if the offset irons will clear a peq15?

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It depends on the type of offset irons and where you mount them.


The Dueck-Defense RTS, when mounted on the top rail, will not clear the PEQ15, but if mounted on the side the may.


If you decide to mount the irons on the top rail and the peq15 on the side it may also work, though you may have to mount the front iron in front or behind the peq.

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What the ... !?!! Nicely done. How did you do it?


You have to sacrifice an AEG for parts and do some modifications to the barrel nut and upper. Also I didn't realize the HK416 can go into safe with the hammer disengaged, guess my trigger mod was meant to be like hk416 after all haha.

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Actually it will work with element lights, the new versions are using the real style plug. Check it out.



The problem is that I have one of the old scouts, and I don't particularly fancy buying a new one, I might end up buying a real one, but I've been hoping they will just come out with a replacement tail cap for the old style ones that can use the real SF style switches.


Anyways, good to hear that it's decent quality, the tape switch that came with my scout stopped working before I even had a chance to use it in a game, so now I'm stuck with the clicky switch.

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You sure they aren't element? I know they are sold under then name "night evolution" but they looked suspiciously similar to elements so I assumed they were just an updated rebrand or something. Anyways, whatever they are, how do they compare to the element ones? Would you care to expand upon what modifications you had to do? Is it something on the switch end or something on the light end, and will the switch plug into a real surefire without modification?

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Kojak is that SF dual switch a real one or one of the new clones? I've been wanting one of the clones since they came out but I haven't heard anything about them.

ill have pics up in a few minutes but i just got one of the ne mini scout lights and there sf dual switch, it works like my real one i have on my rs ar and so far i love the quck disconecting plugs they use.

personaly id say go for one, they have both the single wired one and the dual wired one which works with my vfq peq and the mini scout light.


oh and every night evolution light is an element light with better bulbs. says element right on the bx

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Here's a pic of my WIP. I'm working on making it into a SEAL RECCE rifle (mostly because I have more liberties with it.)







I'd love to hear opinions on the paintjob. I actually used a rather unique technique; it's a base coat of tan, a snakeskin pattern done with brown, and then an overspray in both tan, brown, and OD. It's effective for me because it takes a more earthy tone rather than tan, so it's more effective in most US climates. I thought about covering the old paint with a flat black overall spray, but I can always do that later if I'd rather.

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